AI & Machine Learning Articles


Biotech giant Benchling launch Alphafold AI from DeepMind

The Alphafold beta feature on the Benchling platform integrates deep learning into biomolecule design, boosting scientists in the biotech industry

Wayve and Microsoft to scale AI for autonomous vehicles

Wayve is working with Microsoft to leverage the supercomputing infrastructure needed to support the development of AI-based models for driverless vehicles


Tech leaders say AI reads human emotions better than people

Research from RedBox was taken from UK and US tech leaders, suggesting AI can understand emotions and conversation sentiments better than humans


How will robots be used to help business?

Hexagon, BrainCorp and Infobip tell us that the robot army is already here, having a massive operational effect on the bottom line and workplace safety

Voicemod: Allowing creators to find their voice

We take a look at how Voicemod develops technology that allows creators to amplify online interactions in the metaverse through personalised audio avatars

NTT and Grok partner to deliver network operation services

NTT and Grok have partnered to use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to deliver network operation services


Executive Q&A with Iggy Bassi, CEO of Cervest

Founder and CEO, Iggy Bassi tells the story of how he developed ‘Climate Intelligence’ to solve some of humankind’s biggest climate-related problems


Why the enterprise should be thinking about IA before AI

Sam Grange is Senior Knowledge Engineer at iManage. He discusses the growing importance of Information Architecture in unlocking AI’s benefits