AI & Machine Learning Articles


SolarWinds: IT Professionals Worry about AI Integration Risk

A recent trends report by SolarWinds reveals that very few IT professionals are confident in their organisation's readiness to integrate AI


Perplexity AI: A Startup Backed by Billion-Dollar Investors

Perplexity AI continues to garner much interest, with its conversational search engine offering personalised answers, citations and advanced research


SAP Infuses Business AI Across Enterprise Cloud Portfolio

SAP has announced Business AI innovations and collaborations with partners including Google Cloud, Meta, Microsoft and Nvidia at its 2024 Sapphire event


Most Valuable Company: Nvidia Continues to Gain on Apple

Nvidia could soon overtake Apple as the world’s second-most valuable company, as it grows its semiconductor stock and creates tough chip competition

Deloitte: Enterprise Gen AI Moving Fast, but Change is Key

Organisations are swiftly moving to scale Gen AI across their operations, with leaders making big workforce and tech investments to harness its potential

Robotics Reshaping Manufacturing and the Future of Work

The global industrial robotics market is booming, as automation transforms manufacturing, warehousing, and a growing number of industries


IBM: AI Challenges and Opportunities for Business Leaders

As businesses race to adopt Gen AI, IBM research reveals six critical truths leaders must confront to overcome workforce, cultural and governance obstacles


Salesforce & IBM Partnership to Drive AI, Data Deployment

IBM and Salesforce's expansion of their partnership shows how watsonx’s is making inroads in enterprises across sectors