AI & Machine Learning Articles

Wipro and Google Cloud bringing generative AI to clients

With this increased partnership, Wipro is set to integrate generative AI into its entire suite of capabilities, accelerators, IP, and solutions

IBM Consulting unveils generative AI centre of excellence

Clients will also have access to technology from IBM’s partner ecosystem as well as the newly announced IBM watsonx, its next-gen platform for AI and data

Is Your Platform Ready for AI?

AI has changed dramatically in the last few months. Understand the value of AI-ready platforms in software development and see if you're ready for AI

RPA driven by machine vision becoming crucial for businesses

Increasing efficiency and accuracy, leveraging RPA is increasingly crucial for businesses in the face of the ongoing skills crisis and sustainability goals

Partnership aiming to help bring AI to enterprise clients

Cognizant and Google Cloud expand their long-standing strategic alliance to offer innovative industry solutions founded on the tenet of responsible AI


SAP to accelerate AI innovation with IBM Watson

IBM aims to provide SAP customers with a better user experience, faster decision-making and greater insights to help transform their business processes

Human-machine workforce shifts as AI continues to develop

The World Economic Forum projects that AI and technology will continue to transform the world of work, with 85% of businesses to adopt new technologies


Moderna and IBM explore quantum computing and generative AI

Through a partnership with IBM, Moderna is exploring the use of quantum computing and generative AI technology in developing future mRNA medicines