AI & Machine Learning Articles


Is it right to use video and AI systems? Privacy expert asks

Simon Randall, CEO of video privacy and security company, Pimloc, answers recent BBC article around Big Brother Watch complaint about Southern Co-Op

AI and energy: harnessing innovation for sustainability

Technology Magazine takes a look at different ways AI can support innovation in the energy sector as it looks to become more sustainable


Executive Q&A with Mark Zablan, CEO of Emplifi

The CEO of AI-powered CX platform Emplifi gives us the inside track into the relatively untapped potential of this burgeoning sales and marketing tool

Darktrace advances AI to proactively protect organisations

Darktrace has launched Darktrace PREVENT, new AI products that deliver a cyber security capability to help organisations preempt future cyber attacks


The benefits of bots

We asked some of the leading minds in tech about the recent surge in chatbot usage, the power of conversational AI and how to spot good bots and bad bots


Redefining revenue operations & intelligence with

We take a look at, the software development company offering customers its leading revenue operations and intelligence (ROI) platform


How will the metaverse impact our everyday lives?

Tech expert Devin Partida explores how this evolution of AR and VR allows people to accomplish tasks and travel to places they never thought possible


Vodafone join forces with Google to launch AI Booster

AI Booster is a new AI/ML platform designed to bring scalability, efficiency and cost reductions for the business, their customers and partners