Cadillac adopts Veoneer Night Vision thermal imaging system

By Scott Birch
Veoneer begins production of world's most advanced automotive thermal sensing system on 2021 Cadillac Escalade, greatly increasing road safety in the da...

Swedish automotive technology company Veoneer, Inc. has started production of its fourth generation thermal sensing system – Night Vision.  

The Night Vision system uses thermal imaging sensors to provide an accurate forward view to drivers of up to 200 metres, significantly increasing safety.

Showcased on the 2021 Cadillac Escalade, the system uses a wider field-of-view thermal camera with four times greater resolution compared to the previous generation.

Veoneer's thermal camera is fitted into the front grille of the Escalade and the image is displayed on Cadillac's new 38-inch curved OLED screen. 

The smart system senses small differences in temperature to show objects at extended ranges. Enhanced analytics help drivers see beyond their headlights – up to 200 metres in good weather – and alerts them to potential dangers in total darkness and other low visibility conditions including fog and blinding on-coming headlights.

Compared to the third-generation system, the camera size is 50% smaller and 50% lighter enabling Veoneer to include more cameras per pallet during shipment, reducing carbon emissions during transportation and delivery to the Cadillac production line. 

Data from cameras, GPS and maps drive hands-free mode

The all-new Escalade will be the first of several models to be equipped with Veoneer's automotive industry-first thermal sensing system.

"Veoneer's fourth-generation thermal sensing system is a leap forward in the innovation of smaller automotive thermal cameras with increased resolution and improved analytics to enhance the detection of pedestrians and animals on the road," says Jan Carlson, Veoneer's Chairman, President and CEO.  

"The launch of our newest thermal sensing system and the inclusion of our localization technology on the 2021 Cadillac Escalade is an important milestone in Veoneer's journey towards safe collaborative driving."

Veoneer is the market leader for automotive thermal sensing systems, delivering to 11 customers on more than 35 vehicle models. The 2021 Escalade also offers Super Cruise as an option, claimed to be the first truly hands-free driver assistance feature. Veoneer's High Definition Map and Localization Module provides Super Cruise with stored data from sensors across the vehicle including cameras, GPS, and HD Maps in order to position the vehicle and safely perform lane changes.


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