Expert Insight: Google, IBM, SAP at the 2019 AI World Congress

By Harry Menear
There are a little over 52 days to go until the opening of the AI World Congress 2019. On October 14-15 at the Kensington Conference and Event Centre, t...

There are a little over 52 days to go until the opening of the AI World Congress 2019. On October 14-15 at the Kensington Conference and Event Centre, the Congress will be a meeting of the top minds in the field of artificial intelligence. 25 industry thought leaders from the world’s largest and most influential tech companies will be speaking over the course of the 48 hour congress. 

This year’s speakers have a wealth of expertise, with emphasis on bringing AI to the Internet of Things and consumer (as well as enterprise) smart devices. Here’s our breakdown of three of the event’s key speakers: 

Yuval Dvir, Head of International, Online Scaled Partnerships at Google Cloud 

Dvir has spent five years at Google, previously serving as a Director of Business Transformation at Microsoft and a Senior Product Manager at Skype. Dvir works with organisations looking to change and transform by adopting a lean, agile and modern way of working powered by Google’s Cloud and Apps infrastructure and productivity suite.

While working at Skype, Dvir reportedly led the company’s digital transformation, which enabled the company “to reach its peak connected users, 10X mobile engagements, 50% more revenue and a significant uptick in NPS and customer experience.”


Kal Gyimesi, WW Offering Leader for IBM Watson Assistant for Connected Vehicles

As Offering Leader for the Assistant for Connected Vehicles - an IBM Watson AI powered in-vehicle assistant aimed at enterprise customers - Gyimesi is working at the intersection of AI, the internet of things and smart consumer and enterprise devices. 

He has worked for more than 13 years on automotive, mobility and transportation solutions, with a speciality in sales and fostering client relationships. His recent article focuses on the advent of enterprise-grade AI assistants and lauds recent developments of natural language processing and AI in vehicles. “These assistants will be embedded in every type of connected device, including, of course, our cars. Ultimately, I believe that the market for enterprise AI assistants will be four times as large as the one for consumers,” he writes.

John Candish, Head of IoT Products, SAP Digital Interconnected 

With a career in technology reaching back to the mid-nineties, Candish’s current role sees him head up the global business for SAP IoT Connect 365 for the SAP Digital Interconnect organisation with the aim of facilitating enterprise-wide IoT integration and adoption for the biggest companies in the world. 

Candish’s latest article focused on the necessity for security in IoT enabled systems. “The need for IoT to be securely connected has some serious implications. For the novelty appliances of the early days, if connectivity failed or security device was breached, the implications were limited. For the vast majority of IoT devices today, however, this is no longer the case. A failure in connectivity or security has big and costly implications.” 



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