Tech Mahindra & Microsoft Modernise Workplaces with Gen AI

Tech Mahindra has also launched a dedicated Copilot practice (Image: Microsoft)
As part of a partnership, Tech Mahindra partners with Microsoft to leverage Copilot to boost employee productivity and empower businesses with Gen AI

Aiming to redefine modern workplaces with the power of generative AI (Gen AI), Tech Mahindra has partnered with Microsoft to launch Copilot or their global network.

Hoping to leverage Copilot for Microsoft 365 for their 1,200 customers and more than 10,000 employees around the world, the collaboration with Microsoft positioned Tech Mahindra as a leading Global Systems Integrator (GSI) adopting the technology. Tech Mahindra, as a leading global provider of technology consulting for enterprises, aims to enhance workforce efficiency and streamline processes by harnessing Microsoft’s cloud platform and Gen AI capabilities. 

Additionally, Tech Mahindra will deploy GitHub Copilot for 5,000 developers which is expected to increase developer productivity by 35% to 40% within the organisation. Likewise, it aims to democratise access to AI capabilities.

Both Tech Mahindra and Microsoft have held a long-term partnership for more than 15 years. This has positioned Tech Mahindra with a high level of competence and expertise in Microsoft technologies, particularly when it comes to providing advanced solutions to their clients using Microsoft platforms. 

The partnership has long been focused on leveraging next-generation technologies to advance the digital transformation of their customers. 

Empowering the next era of enterprise Gen AI 

Empowering employees with AI tools is Tech Mahindra’s strategy to drive innovation, value and continued sustainable growth in a competitive market. The organisation plans to extend the value of Copilot with plugins within and outside the Microsoft app ecosystem to leverage multiple data sources and increase creativity. 

The collaboration between both companies is ultimately focused on increasing efficiency, reducing effort and enhancing quality and compliance.  

“Our vision is to redefine the workplace experience by empowering every employee to excel and innovate using cutting-edge AI technology. We are not just adopting a tool; we are shaping the future of work for our employees and customers,” says Mohit Joshi, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director at Tech Mahindra. “The collaboration with Microsoft, and the introduction of Copilot for Microsoft 365 and GitHub Copilot also marks a significant stride in Tech Mahindra's commitment to making AI accessible to everyone.”

Microsoft Copilot, the tech giant’s AI-powered assistant, is designed primarily to advance productivity and creativity. It is integrated into Microsoft 365 to offer AI-assisted features to streamline workflows, by generating text, summarising documents, analyse data, automate tasks and create images.

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The tech giant has been harnessing the power of Copilot to partner with several key technology organisations, including Cognizant, Alphabet and Coca-Cola to help businesses reimagine their operations with AI.

The Microsoft and Tech Mahindra collaboration also saw the launch of industry leading solutions such as:
  • Tech Mahindra's Gen AI-powered Enterprise Knowledge Search: Integrates Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, Azure Cognitive Search and Azure Language understanding to enable enterprises to access and improve the knowledge quotient within organisations.
  • Green CodeRefiner: Transforms existing code into energy-efficient code with green standards. Green CodeRefiner is a utility based on Azure OpenAI service.
  • SenTindra: A cloud-based virtual security operations centre developed on Microsoft Sentinel that provides customers with next-generation integrated security solutions.
  • COMPASS-Cloud Security Assessment and Global System Integrator solutions: Centred on Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Purview Cloud Manager, fortifying the security framework and data governance capabilities of Tech Mahindra’s customers as they progress on their AI journey.

As part of this collaboration, Tech Mahindra has also launched a dedicated Copilot practice focused on helping customers unlock AI and its full potential. The practice will include workforce training to help customers with assessment and preparation, which are critical for integrating AI across every area within an organisation.

Delivering productivity with Copilot

In addition, Tech Mahindra will offer a range of comprehensive solutions to help customers adopt business solutions that utilise Copilot for Microsoft 365. The company is committed to harnessing the insights gained from Copilot to benefit both customers and employees, providing executives and other professionals with an adaptable personalised user experience based on evolving business needs.  

“Our collaboration with Tech Mahindra will empower its employees with new Gen AI capabilities to enhance workplace experiences and increase developer productivity through the adoption of Copilot for Microsoft 365 and GitHub Copilot,” comments Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Microsoft. 

“With a focus on driving AI innovation and skilling, Tech Mahindra is poised to deliver new solutions and greater value for its customers across industries.”  

This collaboration also aligns with Tech Mahindra's ongoing efforts to enhance workforce productivity, using Gen AI tools to set new productivity benchmarks and drive greater value for customers. 

The company recently launched a unified workbench on Microsoft Fabric, which is designed to help businesses accelerate the enterprise adoption of Microsoft Fabric. It aims to help users create complex data workflows with a simple-to-use interface.


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