Amazon Joins The $2tn Club: How AI is Reshaping Big Tech

Amazon has been strategically positioning itself to capitalise on the AI boom
AI investments and cloud computing are propelling tech giants like Microsoft, Google and now Amazon to unprecedented market valuations

The artificial intelligence revolution is in full swing, transforming industries and driving unprecedented growth in the tech sector. As companies race to develop and deploy AI technologies, the market is rewarding those at the forefront of this innovation.

While tech giants Microsoft and Google have been widely seen as leading the pack, Amazon has now joined an elite group of companies by reaching a US$2tn market capitalisation for the first time, underscoring the growing importance of AI in driving valuations and shaping the future of major tech players.

The e-commerce giant has been strategically positioning itself to capitalise on the AI boom, as highlighted recently by its CEO Andy Jassy, making key investments and developing new products to leverage this transformative technology. 

“Generative AI (Gen AI) may be the largest technology transformation since the cloud (which itself, is still in the early stages), and perhaps since the Internet,” he says. “Unlike the mass modernisation of on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, where there’s work required to migrate, this Gen AI revolution will be built from the start on top of the cloud. The amount of societal and business benefits from the solutions that will be possible will astound us all.”

AWS: Critical infrastructure for companies looking to deploy AI applications

One of Amazon's primary strengths in the AI race is its cloud computing division, Amazon Web Services (AWS). As the world's largest cloud services provider, AWS has seen renewed growth thanks to the surging adoption of AI technologies. The cloud platform serves as a critical infrastructure for companies looking to develop and deploy AI applications, positioning Amazon at the forefront of this technological revolution.

Amazon has made strategic investments in several AI-focused startups, notably announcing a US$4bn investment in AI start-up Anthropic. Additionally, Amazon has invested in Figure, a robotics firm, signaling its interest in the intersection of AI and robotics technologies.

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Amazon’s commitment to AI also extends to its hardware offerings. The company recently unveiled a new generation of custom-designed chips tailored for data centres, with a specific focus on machine learning training and Gen AI applications. This move demonstrates Amazon’s ambition to provide end-to-end solutions for businesses looking to harness the power of AI.

AI investments are driving tech giants to new heights

The broader AI landscape has seen similar success stories among other tech giants. Microsoft, which at the time of writing has a market cap of US$3.36tn, has seen its fortunes rise due to its partnership with OpenAI and the integration of AI technologies across its product suite. Google, through its parent company Alphabet, has also benefited from its long-standing investments in AI research and development.

Perhaps the most dramatic example of AI-driven growth is Nvidia. The company's stock has soared, propelling it into the trillion-dollar club, largely due to the critical role its graphics processing units (GPUs) play in AI computing infrastructure.

As Prasad Kalyanaraman, VP of Infrastructure Services at AWS, points out in a recent Amazon blog, Amazon has been leveraging AI and ML technologies for more than 25 years, integrating them into core operations such as product recommendations and packaging decisions.

“Gen AI has transformed our world seemingly overnight, as individuals and enterprises use the new technology to enhance decision-making, transform customer experiences, and boost creativity and innovation. But the underlying infrastructure that powers generative AI wasn’t built in a day – in fact, it is the result of years of innovation.

“AI and machine learning (ML) have been a focus for Amazon for more than 25 years, and they drive everyday capabilities like shopping recommendations and packaging decisions. Within AWS, we’ve been focused on bringing that knowledge to our customers by putting ML into the hands of every developer, data scientist, and expert practitioner. AI is now a multibillion-dollar revenue run rate business for AWS. Over 100,000 customers across industries – including adidas, New York Stock Exchange, Pfizer, Ryanair and Toyota – are using AWS AI and ML services to reinvent experiences for their customers. Additionally, many of the leading generative AI models are trained and run on AWS.”


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