Dynatrace: AI data platform boosts airport experience

Unified observability platform uses AI to help Italy’s largest airports process 90% of travellers through security in three minutes

Cloud company Dynatrace has announced that Aeroporti di Roma (ADR), the largest airport operator in Italy, is using its AI-enabled platform to keep travellers flowing through its airports quickly and efficiently. 

Digital systems are at the heart of ADR’s efficiency, underpinning all critical airport processes, including security checks, border control, baggage handling, airside operations, and traveller information systems such as those used for check-in and travel updates.

The airport serves nearly 50 million people annually via more than 100 airlines and the Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci and Ciampino airports.

Previously, the ADR team had limited in-house visibility into its applications or the underlying on-premises and cloud infrastructure. They relied on multiple third-party systems integrators to share information on the performance of their software and its impact on travellers’ experiences and satisfaction. This reliance on multiple systems and manual triaging with no single source of truth complicated ADR’s efforts to resolve issues quickly and optimise digital experiences. 

Dynatrace uses AI and data to detect and resolve security vulnerabilities

Dynatrace’s powerful, causal AI enables ADR to use this data to uncover the root cause of performance issues and security vulnerabilities and proactively resolve them before they impact travellers. This has helped ADR process 90% of travellers through security in three minutes, enable punctual arrivals and departures for more than 99% of its daily flights*, and guarantee that 13 million bags reach more than 200 destinations each year.

“Performance issues and security vulnerabilities in our software may have significant real-world ramifications for travellers’ experience in our airports,” said Emiliano Sorrenti, Chief Information and Technology Officer at ADR. “If one of our critical applications is offline even for a few minutes, it can lead to huge queues at check-in, border control, or baggage handling desks, which could cause travellers to miss their flights. The Dynatrace platform enables us to optimise and safeguard the systems our customers rely on easily and proactively. That means we can create a better airport experience for our travellers and, ultimately, get more of them to their destination on time.”

The Dynatrace platform’s extensive automation capabilities enable service optimization and issue resolution, often without human intervention. Dynatrace also seamlessly integrates with ADR’s IT Service Management solution, which has enabled significant operational efficiencies.

“Dynatrace has revolutionised how we manage service incidents and software vulnerabilities, enabling us to create more seamless airport journeys for our travellers,” continued Sorrenti. “The platform’s extensive automation and AI capabilities mean we can now have a ticket raised that points to the exact cause of the issue and get it to the person who needs to resolve it within milliseconds. For many types of incidents, we’ve even been able to create automated workflows to enable our applications to self-heal without the need for human intervention. As well as improving the reliability and security of our critical airport services, these automations have enhanced our operational efficiency by eliminating the need to triage problems and scan for vulnerabilities manually. Instead, the answers from Dynatrace empower us to jump straight into a resolution with our partners. Ultimately, that keeps travellers flowing through our airports with ease.”


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