Google Cloud Generative AI Ops Drives Enterprise AI Adoption

Google Cloud is empowering enterprises to realise the transformative potential of Gen AI with its new Generative AI Ops offering

Generative AI (Gen AI) has emerged as a game-changing technology, promising to revolutionise how businesses operate and engage with customers. However, moving these cutting-edge AI workloads from proof-of-concept to production-ready solutions has been a significant challenge for many organisations. Recognising this obstacle, Google Cloud has unveiled a new service offering called Generative AI Ops, designed to help enterprises unlock the full business value of Gen AI – gaining access to Google’s expertise in deploying AI models and applications at scale.

According to Lee Moore, Vice President at Global Google Cloud Consulting, Google Cloud customers are increasingly moving their Gen AI workloads from proof-of-concept into production – with many of these organisations now seeing real-world business impact from their AI investments. 

“Many of these customers have worked with Google Cloud Consulting to apply AI in important and helpful ways,” Moore explains. “For example, Bristol Myers Squibb developed a new AI-powered interface to help its clinical study teams more easily find important information and generate documents, and Palo Alto Networks launched several new AI tools that utilise Gemini to streamline and enhance user experience in its copilots, improving the productivity of security practitioners.”

Google Cloud: Moving AI models from proof-of-concept to production

Generative AI Ops provides a comprehensive suite of services to guide organisations through the critical steps required to make their AI applications production-ready. As Moore explains: “Moving these workloads into production requires a deep understanding of Gen AI systems design, large language model architectures, prompt engineering, evaluation, and much more. Now, we’re bringing Google’s expertise in these areas to our customers at scale, with the launch of a new service offering: Generative AI Ops. This new offering, delivered by either Google Cloud Consulting or via our comprehensive partner ecosystem, will help organisations mature their Gen AI prototypes into production-grade solutions and provide support in important areas like security, model tuning and feedback, and optimisation.”

One of the key components of Generative AI Ops is prompt engineering, design, and optimisation. “Designing well-optimised prompts is important to ensure models can provide high-quality outputs and build user trust," notes Moore. Google Cloud Consulting will leverage techniques like ReAct, retrieval augmented generation (RAG) – a technique that enhances language models by allowing them to retrieve and incorporate relevant information from external data sources – and chain of thought to help customers improve the performance of their Gen AI applications.

Moreover, Generative AI Ops addresses the crucial aspect of performance and system evaluation. “Successfully putting AI into production requires constant evaluation and feedback to improve the performance of models and applications,” Moore states.

To support the successful adoption of generative AI, Google Cloud is also prioritising training and team enablement. “Through the Google Cloud Skills Boost Platform, Google Cloud offers a broad range of training, hands-on labs, boot camps and coursework to help upskill teams on generative AI,” Moore says, “to ensure that customer teams can build, deploy, use, and manage new AI applications.”


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