How LTIMindtree are shaping global cloud development

Since beginning its journey with Lufthansa Group in 2017, technology consulting firm LTIMindtree has positioned itself as one of the group’s key partners

A new kind of technology consulting firm, LTIMindtree helps businesses transform – from core to experience – to thrive in the marketplace of the future.

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, LTIMindtree has nearly 90,000 IT professionals and works for about 700 clients worldwide.

Klaus Seifert, Regional Vice President and Head of Germany, is focusing on growing LTIMindtree’s business in Germany with local marquee clients, but also international clients such as Lufthansa Group. “We are focusing on the customer experience side of the equation, on data analytics and on cloud journeys,” he comments, “helping our clients move to the cloud.”

Today, LTIMindtree is working with all subsidiaries of the Lufthansa Group. But, as Seifert explains, the journey started in 2017 with a highly successful data and analytics project known as Project PELE.

“The project was about developing a predictive analytics system to properly forecast the demand and optimise the seat pricing for the airline,” Seifert comments. “That brought us an extremely good reputation within the whole of the Lufthansa Group.”

From there, the relationship between Lufthansa Group and LTIMindtree has evolved, with the consulting firm helping Lufthansa Cargo on its cloud journey and later taking over cloud operations for the AirPlus and Sky Chefs part of the group.

As with countless businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, LTIMindtree was also able to help Lufthansa Group find new solutions to scale the business.

“One part of Lufthansa was running extremely well, the cargo side,” Seifert explains. “But the other part, the travel side, went down. We helped Lufthansa to downscale on one side and get more agile on the other side where new solutions were needed to cope with the demand. That really brought us together in a partnership. It was tough for both sides, and we came through the pandemic even stronger in our relationship and our partnership.”

As Seifert predicts, there will be three major drivers in the industry as a whole in the future: the evolution of technology and its integration, the importance of sustainability and of the customer experience. “Everybody is looking at sustainability,” he says. “We all want to travel and have some fun, but at the same time, it needs to be sustainable.

“We all like to receive products but, at the same time, it is important to care about the environment and be sustainable.

“The third part is the customer experience. So when you are looking at it, anything is related to a good experience for the end client, whether it is hospitality, travel or transportation itself.”

With LTIMindtree lately invited to build a product IT-centric model for Lufthansa Group’s hybrid environment, the partnership is looking promising for the future.

“At LTIMindtree, we have a long history in travel, transportation and hospitality,” concludes Seifert. “At the same time, our focus on the client experience, customer experience, data analytics, and the cloud journeys are positioning us quite well as the future strategic partner to advise Lufthansa for their strategies in the cloud and also for their development of migration strategies.”


Read the full Lufthansa digital report HERE.

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