How is creating trusted partnerships

Kip Kugler, SVP of Sales, explains how’s unique skill set leaves the company well placed to deliver first-class customer service to clients

If you want to find a company setting exemplary standards of customer service for itself, look no further than is best described as a provider of on-demand software development professionals to clients across the globe. When businesses need extra IT services and consulting support, whether on a short or long-term basis, aims to be the first choice. 

That commitment to great customer service starts at the very top, reveals Kip Kugler, SVP of Sales.

“Anshul Choudhry, our Founder, is extremely passionate about doing the right thing,” he says. “If customers aren’t happy with our work, they don't have to pay. 

“We may have eight or nine months of great work together but, if something doesn’t feel right in month 10, we won't invoice and make a plan to fix it.”

Kugler thinks having that high level of accountability is what drives such good customer service at 

He adds: “It’s pretty extreme but, to this point, I haven’t had any customers leave because they’re unhappy.” can boast unique skill set

As an IBM business partner, specialises in assisting the tens of thousands of US companies using IBM iSeries (AS/400), while also working on at least 50 other programming languages.

The lack of college students getting excited about learning legacy languages means there is a distinct shortage in the workforce – which is where comes in, building up capacity for legacy technologies and plugging the resource gap. 

A key priority for modern-day CIOs in terms of future-proofing, Kugler explains, is deciding whether to stay on and modernise iSeries or to migrate away from it.

Ultimately, there exists a workforce skills shortage that must somehow be solved.

“A lot of CIOs feel this pressure to get a newer system,” says Kugler. “But the iSeries is so reliable and consistent that we say to people ‘we’ve got the workforce and we’ve got the ability to help you stay there longer – you don’t have to take the risk of migrating quite yet’.”

AmerCareRoyal benefits from expertise 

In recent years, has worked closely with AmerCareRoyal, a producer of disposable supplies for numerous industries that uses a unique legacy ERP system built on the iSeries. 

Kugler explains: “The issue for AmerCareRoyal is finding the relevant workforce. It’s not just about knowing the legacy programming language, but also the specific ERP and domain knowledge – and we happen to have more than 200 RPG programmers on staff with experience in most industries.”

The pair have worked together for a number of years on warehouse and pricing metrics, purchase order functionality, and vendor and order management. 

“We’ve worked on 20-30 different projects with AmerCareRoyal, saving them countless hours,” adds Kugler. “It’s a collaboration, but we see ourselves as an extension of their team.

“When we’re working as contractors, we’re friends, not family; we know budget cuts happen and we may need to sever ties. What we can guarantee is a budget-friendly environment with expertise in more than 50 technologies, some of which are very hard to find.”

Read the full AmerCareRoyal digital report here


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