ICYMI: Cyber attacks increase 700% and cherry-picking chiefs

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Open source security is key as cyber attacks increase 700x

Cyber attacks on open source ecosystems have increased seven times in the last three years, according to data from an annual report. According to early data from DevSecOps automation specialist Sonatype's 8th annual State of the Software Supply Chain Report, which will be released in full in October, an average 700% jump in repository attacks has been recorded over the last three years.

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Big data challenges for CMOs and cherry-picking chiefs

Marketing analytics are responsible for influencing just over half (53%) of marketing decisions, according to a survey by Gartner. But some of the most crucial calls made by the most influential stakeholders ignore important data, even as chief marketing officers (CMOs) champion data-centric decisions. This means as many as 60% of CMOs are predicted to cut marketing analytics spending by half next year because of the perception of failed promises. Gartner surveyed 377 users of marketing analytics this year to explore the role of marketing analytics in decision-making. Data management challenges and cognitive biases are the top barriers to marketing analytics’ influence, it was discovered, with one-third of respondents reporting that decision-makers are likely to select data to back up a story that aligns with their preconceived decisions or opinions.

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Martech moves into a new era of data and analytics

The world has welcomed a new era of marketing technology, according to a new report by Kearney. The martech stack had become an unworkable collection of “shiny objects”, say analysts, with thousands of applications and datasets being added to the mix, often without ever being used. Today, we’re seeing a new emphasis on marketing and adtech personalisation, advanced analytics capabilities, and customer data security and compliance, say Kearney’s Associate Partner Jason Wehner, Vice President Jarosław Podsiadło and Consultant Alex Wang, who compiled more than 40,000 martech-related articles published in the past three years. 

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Developers under pressure in race to the cloud, study finds

With enterprises racing to the cloud and executing digital transformations, a newly-published report is examining the challenges faced by development teams. The global survey of 650 senior IT decision makers by Couchbase found that development teams are under pressure and under-supported. The report says 88% of respondents are aware of challenges faced by development teams, with the top issues including that deadlines and agility requirements were difficult to meet (42%); that they were being asked to do too much in too little time (40%); or that they did not have the skills (24%) or technology (23%) they needed.

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Don’t let developer toil affect your apps’ business value

It is no surprise that the world today is driven by apps. Organisations all over the world are basing their business goals on their capacity to integrate new apps quickly, and they need to constantly reimagine how they interact with and communicate with their consumers and employees 1in order to fulfil changing expectations.  To do this effectively, businesses need to operate at a high level of speed and agility. But in many cases this isn’t happening. The phrase ‘move fast and break things’ could not be further from the truth when it comes to how enterprises approach innovation today. In fact, according to Forrester Consulting,  48% of executives say they haven't changed their applications in a year or more.

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Top 10 sustainable smart cities helping make a better world

From air quality monitoring to bike sharing schemes, Technology Magazine looks at 10 of the most ambitious smart cities using sustainable technology solutions.

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