ICYMI: Sustainability key to the cloud and can we trust AI?

By George Hopkin
A week is a long time in tech, so here’s a round-up of Technology Magazine articles that have been getting shared around the globe

How can we ensure trustworthy AI?

“As technology and AI are becoming part of our lives more and more, we have to ensure that people view these tools, and the companies and institutions that utilise them, as lawful, ethically adherent and technically robust,'' says Benedetta Cevoli, Data Science Engineer, Speechmatics. “AI should be honest and, consequently, trustworthy at all levels – from its inception to deployment. Creating such a system requires a deep understanding of its application in the real world and the extent to which individual differences of users, such as age, race, gender, location and language, influence their experience with the tech.”

Read the full story: https://technologymagazine.com/ai-and-machine-learning/how-can-we-ensure-trustworthy-ai

How to create an AIOps strategy for the multicloud world

In an effort to increase agility and scalability, many organisations adopt multicloud environments and rearchitect their applications into microservices and containers. However, these cloud environments introduce new challenges. They are far more complex and dynamic, containing hundreds of technologies, millions of lines of code, and billions of dependencies.

Read the full story: https://technologymagazine.com/cloud-and-cybersecurity/how-to-create-an-aiops-strategy-for-the-multicloud-world

How can CFOs find ways to work smarter, not harder?

The last two years have seen huge disruption to businesses across the globe, and leaders have had to integrate new and emerging technologies into their daily operations. With disruption has come huge pressures, with UK finance leaders finding their level of responsibility increasing across other areas of their business over the past year. 

Read the full story: https://technologymagazine.com/digital-transformation/how-can-cfos-find-ways-to-work-smarter-not-harder

AI and IoT help bring about a smart city experience

Cities are getting smarter thanks to enormous growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI-powered processing of the huge datasets generated by running and monitoring urban centres. Technology Magazine takes a closer look at just three of the smart technologies that look set to transform city life and the businesses and governments that serve them.

Read the full story: https://technologymagazine.com/ai-and-machine-learning/ai-and-iot-help-bring-about-a-smart-city-experience

Sustainability is key for enterprises moving to the cloud

Enterprises moving their business into the cloud are increasingly looking at sustainability as a ‘deal breaker’, according to research from datacentre network connectivity provider Colt. The firm’s third annual international study of cloud adoption found that sustainability has become a core consideration for IT decision-makers for 74% of enterprises when shaping their cloud strategies. The report follows research by Accenture which says drivers like greater workload flexibility, better server utilisation rates, and more energy-efficient infrastructure all make public clouds more cost efficient than enterprise-owned data centres.

Read the full story: https://technologymagazine.com/articles/sustainability-is-key-for-enterprises-moving-to-the-cloud

Top 10 retail technology companies

Ecommerce has had a planet-wide impact on the global retail industry, ushering in a new era of fresh opportunities and new companies, all of which have changed the way we shop. Lockdowns have compelled consumers to shop online and AI-powered technology has opened up new user experiences that have quickly caught on. From online store platforms such as Shopify to delivery robots like Nuro, a shopping trip in 2022 can involve a wide range of cutting-edge technologies that have emerged and flourished over the past 20 years.

Read the full story: https://technologymagazine.com/digital-transformation/top-10-retail-technology-companies

AppDynamics: Helping companies optimise IT architecture

“AppDynamics is a key component of Cisco’s solution for full-stack observability, helping technologists see, understand, and optimise what happens inside and beyond their IT architecture, all through the lens of business impact,” says James Harvey, Executive CTO EMEAR, Cisco AppDynamics. “We help solve a common problem occurring in most organisations today, how to optimise the performance of critical applications that run businesses when they sit across a variety of infrastructures and span different teams and departments. This can only be achieved when technologists have a complete and unified view of their IT environment.”

Read the full story: https://technologymagazine.com/digital-transformation/appdynamics-helping-companies-optimise-it-architecture

TIBCO Software: Solving complex data and analytics problems

“TIBCO has a rich history of solving complex real-time data and analytics problems, and this heritage continues today with our cloud-native, “anywhere and everywhere” TIBCO Cloud platform. Our ability to connect to any data source regardless of location, process and expose this data in real-time, enabling the creation of rich analytical and predictive data science applications, and manage the hard data problems that arise from unifying data assets and more, enables us to provide our customers and partners with the right set of capabilities for today’s data challenges.”

Read the full interview: https://technologymagazine.com/enterprise-it/tibco-software-solving-complex-data-and-analytics-problems


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