ICYMI: The potential of 5G and Europe’s technology gap

A week is a long time in tech, so here’s a round-up of Technology Magazine articles that have been starting conversations around the world

Europe ‘missed the technology revolution boat’ report says

Europe will be vulnerable across all sectors on growth and competitiveness unless it catches up with other major regions on key technologies, according to the latest research published by McKinsey. The report ‘Securing Europe’s competitiveness: Addressing its technology gap’ warns corporate value added of €2 trillion to €4 trillion a year could be at stake by 2040. Unless the technology gap is tackled, the report warns this crisis will handicap Europe on many dimensions, including growth, inclusion, and sustainability, and its strategic autonomy and voice in the world.

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Car companies in the cloud speed up data processing with AWS

Cloud computing leader Amazon Web Services has announced the general availability of a new service which makes it easier for automotive companies to handle vehicle data in near real-time.  The standard vehicle data offering of AWS IoT FleetWise is now available to clients working with AWS in the United States and Europe, with plans in place to make it available to all AWS regions.

Read the full story: https://technologymagazine.com/articles/car-companies-in-the-cloud-speed-up-data-processing-with-aws

Unlocking 5G’s potential with network slicing

The integration of 5G networks is progressing rapidly every day. A huge improvement on 4G speeds, 5G opens up numerous opportunities while removing network congestion and enabling us to connect with each other and the world with ease. As it offers higher bandwidth, lower latency and reliable wireless internet connections, 5G wireless technologies have the potential to transform several industries and consumer experiences. Due to this, Shamik Mishra, Chief Technology Officer Connectivity at Capgemini Engineering, explains: “Machine-to-machine communication and connectivity for critical infrastructures like public safety, manufacturing and ports can now reliably interconnect devices, taking the full benefit of data and cloud to deliver new revenues, better productivity and new experiences.” 

Read the full story: https://technologymagazine.com/articles/unlocking-5gs-potential-with-network-slicing

Global tech teams rewarded by post-pandemic performance

The post-pandemic surge in technology investment and innovation has given organisations new confidence to revitalise business through tech innovation, says a new report by KPMG. Almost all global tech leaders reported their digital evolution had improved performance and profitability over the last two years, according to the KPMG Global Tech Report 2022.

Read the full story: https://technologymagazine.com/articles/global-tech-teams-rewarded-by-post-pandemic-performance

Sustainability and the CIO: how tech can save the world

People’s priorities are changing. Companies are being held more accountable for their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives by customers, employees, shareholders, governments, and even regulators.  This external pressure is hitting companies from all industries across all sectors, and rising consumer demand for sustainability is catalysing change in corporate attitudes. And considering a survey from Deloitte found that 98% of consumers believe that brands have a responsibility to make the world better – paired with research from Oracle stating that 78% of people are frustrated with the lack of progress by businesses' sustainable initiatives – now is the time for businesses to make decisive action when it comes to sustainability.

Read the full story: https://technologymagazine.com/articles/sustainability-and-the-cio-how-tech-can-save-the-world

Technology industry on a mission to make apps less “creepy”

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen working with colleagues in the United States claim they have created a tool for measuring the degree of discomfort felt by tech users when using intrusive apps. Surveys have indicated people feel emotional stress when quizzed for personal data while installing new apps, but this has not stopped the explosive growth of apps in most industry sectors.

Read the full story: https://technologymagazine.com/articles/technology-industry-on-a-mission-to-make-apps-less-creepy


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