Is Your Platform Ready for AI?

By Hugh McKee. Developer Advocate, Lightbend
AI has changed dramatically in the last few months. Understand the value of AI-ready platforms in software development and see if you're ready for AI

The increasing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in software development is transforming how developers approach creating and maintaining business applications. This session will examine the role of AI-ready platforms in streamlining development workflows and enhancing collaboration between human developers and AI assistants.

In this presentation, we will:

  1. Discuss the core features of AI-ready platforms and their impact on software development efficiency.
  2. Analyze real-world examples to demonstrate the benefits of AI-assisted development, such as rapid prototyping, automated code generation, and error reduction.
  3. Explore the challenges of adopting AI in software development and offer insights on successfully integrating AI tools within the development pipeline.
  4. Investigate the future of AI-assisted development and its potential opportunities for developers and businesses.

This talk aims to provide a clear understanding of the value of AI-ready platforms in software development and insights on effectively integrating AI tools to achieve higher efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

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