Kyndryl announces services to accelerate cloud modernisation

Kyndryl’s Cloud Native Services is designed to help customers speed up their IT projects and streamline their cloud application modernisation efforts

Kyndryl has unveiled new cloud-native services that it says will help customers accelerate their cloud application modernisation journey at scale. 

Kyndryl Cloud Native Services was developed to enable customers to migrate, modernise and optimise critical workloads on hybrid and multicloud environments by utilising the well architected framework in conjunction with each of its strategic hyperscaler partnerships. 

Across the global economy, digital modernisation is at the top of business agendas. However, complexities and technology silos, along with a shortage of critical in-house IT skills, have slowed progress for most businesses. Customers are looking for partners to bridge the divide with new solutions and skills.

Kyndryl is ready to help customers streamline their cloud application modernisation efforts by providing a framework of code assets, workflows, expertise and the end-to-end lifecycle from consulting through to management with integrated services around automated backup, patching, KPI monitoring, security, alerting and incident management. The services are aligned with the cloud adoption frameworks of Kyndryl’s strategic hyperscaler partners. Kyndryl also provides skilled resources through cloud experts who can help customers fast-track their cloud adoption and achieve business outcomes.

Providing a faster route to innovation

By co-creating with customers through the cloud-native operating model, Kyndryl’s approach provides a faster route to innovation via enhanced developer productivity. It also provides a simplified procurement process, consistent delivery across clouds, more cost-effective cloud migration and modernisation, and the integration of other technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). In addition, the services offer more efficiency and agility with quicker cloud deployments, reducing time for developer set-up, easier management and more resilient applications.

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Kyndryl is focused on transforming customer cloud operations by using Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) and policy as a code for secure-by-design delivery principles that allows customers to take an automation-first approach, which accelerates cloud adoption and optimises cloud spend.

“We’ve seen companies increase their use of cloud over the last few years but have had barriers to adoption – whether it’s the complexities of hybrid, multi-cloud landscapes or lack of skills and expertise to manage their IT estates,” said Harish Grama, Kyndryl Cloud Global Practice Leader. “These new services are a direct outcome of Kyndryl’s ongoing journey to expand our innovation and offerings through strategic partnerships and new technology, which we have not been able to do before.”


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