Mobile World Congress 2023 - Day 2 Highlights

Live from Mobile World Congress 2023, Barcelona - Technology Magazine shares the highlights from the second day of the industry leading connectivity event

Technology Magazine is in Barcelona, attending Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023. 

Keynote - The Evolution of Innovation

The second day of this year’s event began with a keynote focused upon telecoms innovation, and the impact that these pioneering technologies are having on global industries. 

We heard from some of the biggest names in the industry, including the likes of James Taiclet, Chairman, President and CEO of Lockheed Martin, Raymond Dolan, Chairman and CEO of Cohere Technologies, Vicki Brady, CEO of Telstra, Takayuki Morita, President and CEO of NEC Corporation. 

The keynote opened with James Taiclet, sharing his insights into - as a fascinating example - the role that GPS and communication technologies are playing in NASA space explorations. 

Firstly, since getting to Mars is, theoretically, a multi-week or multi-month journey, the Moon will have to act as a way station for the next leg of the trip. As a result, as our sights get increasingly ambitious, the Moon will soon become a space exploration staging area. 

“But, to make the moon as useful an exploration base as the Earth is today, you have to have a number of essential services, either on the Moon or accessible to it,” Taiclet explains. 

“One is communication, second is autonomy. And to have autonomy, you need GPS (a global positioning system for the Moon), for positioning, navigation and timing services, which we all use in the mobile industry on Earth, within our cell phones and watches.” 

“We make GPS satellites, too. So, we've actually set up a subsidiary in our company and we have a project called Parset where we're working with space industry partners to figure out how we can create services set on the moon, for mobility, autonomy, GPS and communication - because that's the next exploration base that we're going to need to go to Mars.”

“It will happen, because humans’ limit for exploration is boundless.”

MWC 2023

Keynote - Is it Time for Co-Creation?

The second keynote of Day 2 asked one of the biggest questions in the telecommunications industry right now - are we entering an era defined by who your partners are? 

With technological innovations, CX developments, and new ground being broken in 5G, the field is ripe for new collaborations, in both the physical and virtual worlds. After all, the fully connected and intelligent world of the future cannot be achieved by companies working in isolation. 

One of the headline speakers of the day’s second keynote was Cher Wang, the Chairperson and CEO of HTC, sharing her insights into the emerging path of digital collaboration. 

“I believe that, by merging technology with humanity, we can unleash imagination and fundamentally change the way people communicate and interact in the world, forever.”

“Over the past three years, we have all experienced a paradigm shift in the way we interact - not only with each other, but with the world around us, and with ourselves.”

“A question I continue to find myself asking is, in the era of the metaverse, what are steps we can take to continue encouraging imagination, connection, and sharing our stories? I believe the answer to this lies in collaboration and co-creation. What I mean by this is, there is no single company or solution that can make this happen alone. But, by working together, we can not only create new and exciting experiences, but also shape the future of technology and humanity itself.”

Technology Magazine is LIVE at MWC

Technology Magazine is reporting live from this year’s MWC event. 

Our reporting and professional video team are here to conduct live interviews with industry experts, influencers and start ups, and capture every moment of the event as it happens. 

You can follow it all through our Technology Magazine LinkedIn page

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