SL Crimewall: A revolutionary OSINT investigation platform

SL Crimewall meets the needs of both advanced users and beginners alike
With its release of standalone OSINT investigation platform SL Crimewall open-source intelligence company Social Links is redefining the intelligence cycle

In recent years, the landscape of open-source intelligence (OSINT) has grown dramatically—a fact reflecting the discipline’s increasing relevance and utility for security professionals. With Future Market Insights predicting the global OSINT market is set to reach US$58.21bn by 2033, today even the world’s largest intelligence agencies are taking notice, relying on open data more and more. In fact, research shows that OSINT now accounts for 80% of all intelligence generated by the US Defense Intelligence Agency.

One company aiming to help organisations harness the immense resource of open data is Social Links, a Global OSINT vendor, whose ground-breaking AI-powered products empower investigators and security professionals to enhance their work. With their recent launch, SL Crimewall, the private US-based company has delivered a leading-edge all-in-one OSINT investigation platform, designed to simplify the entire intelligence cycle—from data extraction, through visualisation and processing, to the final report.

Social Links asserts that SL Crimewall provides the seamless integration of real-time data from over 500 open sources, including social media, messengers, blockchains, and the Dark Web. The solution’s powerful suite of data extraction and analysis tools are packaged within a collaborative and intuitive interface, which has been designed for easy collaboration and user-friendliness, providing all users with the ability to create their own scripts, streamline investigation workflows and reduce manual tasks.

SL Crimewall to provide accessible operability, democratising the sphere of open-source intelligence

According to Social Links, SL Crimewall meets the needs of both advanced users and beginners alike—skilled professionals can use SL Crimewall’s script builder for generating more complex custom scripts, while less experienced workers can efficiently manage data with the ‘no-code script builder’ and ‘built-in automation’ features. Ultimately, SL Crimewall is intended to provide an accessible solution to a wider audience, making next-generation technology readily available to all, and contribute to the democratisation of the OSINT industry.

The upcoming case management feature will enable users to seamlessly collaborate on the same project boards, the monitoring feature allows analysts to effortlessly track subject developments, and generating project reports is a breeze—cases to be exported quickly with a default template or through bespoke customised reports. SL Crimewall also offers advanced machine learning modules for streamlining investigation workflows automating work-intensive tasks—for example analysts can process large text and image datasets using sentiment analysis and Named Entity Recognition (NER).

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“SL Crimewall is an embodiment of our vast experience, as well as the love we have for OSINT and the art of data analysis.” comments Andrew Kulikov, CEO of Social Links. “Understanding that open data and OSINT approaches are relevant for various specialists, not just data analysts, we paid special attention to the solution’s UX, making it accessible for a wide range of users.

“We believe that SL Crimewall not only represents a new stage in the company’s development, but also in the development of the industry at large, ushering in an era of democratisation for both the data itself and the methods we use to analyse it. The mission of SL Crimewall is to make the value of data available to all who need it, regardless of their level, expertise, and knowledge”.

Headquartered in the United States, Social Links has offices in Miami and Amsterdam, along with an R&D centre in Riga. Companies from the S&P500 and leading law enforcement agencies from more than 80 countries around the globe rely on Social Links for gathering valuable information.

Earlier this year, Social Links was awarded the leader category in the first review of the OSINT industry from Frost & Sullivan—Frost Radar™: Open-Source Intelligence Solutions 2023. The report states: “Earning a perfect score for Innovation, Social Links offer comprehensive OSINT platform solutions that include essential data analysis and visualisation tools, and machine learning integration, group identification, tagging, and deep/dark web analysis."


To learn more about SL Crimewall or see the solution in action, go here

Frost Radar™: Open-Source Intelligence Solutions 2023


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