Solving the puzzle of scaled cloud capabilities at the edge

Rakuten Symphony explains how its radically different approach – combined with in-depth knowledge & proprietary architecture – benefits private networks

Rakuten Symphony is a company that truly lives up to the moniker ‘innovative revolutionaries’. 

Often, you find that companies spot a gap in the market and then idealise the fastest, cheapest way of filling that gap – but not Rakuten Symphony, which is taking a new technology approach, proven by Rakuten Mobile in Japan, and delivering it globally. The company has married its knowledge with an automated approach that can be leveraged by any mobile operator, creating unique opportunities for its Symworld Cloud offering, including for private 5G deployments. 

“Private 5G needs to be looked at from the perspective of connectivity as well as the use cases that it serves, explains Partha Seetala, President of Rakuten Symphony’s Unified Cloud Business Unit

“By combining innovations in storage, networking, computation and application management into a cloud-native Kubernetes-based architecture, Symworld Cloud provides the highest-performing, most cost-efficient solution. 

“From a use case perspective, once a connectivity issue is solved, enterprises want to deploy more domain-centric workloads, like video analytics or apps churning a lot of data. That's where Symworld Cloud shines – it addresses network and storage-based workload needs. 

Workload considerations & partner needs 

Rakuten Symphony embarked upon a “programmatic”, “automated” and “orchestrated” journey, recognising that its technology stack already deployed for edge and Open RAN could also be leveraged for private 5G networks to support enterprises “augmenting existing network solutions”, according to Seetala. 

 “Storage, compute, and GPU management become critical in these environments and all of this is automatically enabled with the Symworld Cloud platform because it’s built for problem-solving in storage and network intensive workloads,” explains Seetala.

“Our expertise in managing underlying infrastructure through our cloud, as well as in centralised policies, means that everything can be automated and that's a huge value for private 5G owners.”

Partnering with Axiata & separating out from the pack

For companies such as Rakuten Symphony, there’s no higher praise than the validation of vendors that have chosen to trust your tech for their business endeavours. In Rakuten Symphony’s case, Axiata is one such vendor.

“They were exploring private 5G to solve use cases in multiple verticals – for example, manufacturing, healthcare and smart cities,” begins Seetala, “and they looked at Symworld Cloud and realised that the entire portfolio products that Rakuten Symphony brings is well-tested and actually designed using modern technologies.

“They also realised that the type of innovation we have brought to automation is critical for managing the private 5G networks of their own end clients in the most cost-efficient manner.”

Axiata chose Rakuten’s mobile network solution due to its software-centric nature and because of the “explicit intent that additional software policies would drive Axiata’s private 5G network”.

In a world overrun with private 5G and scaled cloud solutions, it’s important to find a way of separating from the pack. Boasting such a comprehensive, cost-effective and original solution, Rakuten Symphony have most certainly achieved just that.


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