Stellium: Built From the Ground Up as a Trusted SAP Partner

We speak with Randeep Nambiar, Founder and CEO of Stellium, on how its ongoing partnership with SAP drives progress for its customers

Randeep Nambiar is the Founder and CEO of Stellium Inc., a global organisation headquartered in Houston, Texas with operations in Canada, Dubai and India. Stellium is a credible value chain partner which focuses on bridging gaps in logistics capabilities within supply chains and manufacturing, primarily within the SAP ecosystem.

The Stellium story began when Randeep identified a shortage of domain-based SAP partners in North America, which led to him forming an SAP partner brand in Stellium that brings integrated warehousing and transportation capability to its customers.

“That’s where it started, but that led to a vision of building an SAP partner brand focused on supply chain and manufacturing,” he explains. “Coming into the market, we decided to start with our focus in warehousing initially.”

Stellium: Driving progress with SAP

In the decade since Stellium’s inception, the brand has expanded and matured, particularly into the transportation domain and manufacturing space.

“With the latest and greatest technology, SAP is spreading across the world and dominating,” Randeep continues. “This has positioned us as a partner to rely on, within the supply chain and manufacturing capability.”

And it doesn’t stop there, with Stellium working to bring additional capabilities in the realms of generative AI, process automation, process re-engineering and process mining into its portfolio.

Working in supply chain and manufacturing circles does not come without its challenges, as the industries continuously evolve. With Stellium equally impacted by industry challenges as its customers — whether that be market dynamics, client expectations, scale and support and partnership alignment — it puts the business in pole position to support them at every stage.

“Companies are evolving and growing aggressively and need to dynamically adjust to the

ever changing needs of supply chain and manufacturing,” Randeep shares. “One of the challenges that I see is the speed at which they have to change as it is posing a huge risk to them. Every partner who’s engaging with their customers needs to think about how they bring advisory capabilities to help customers make their decisions faster and how to cater to help them achieve the success they really need to see.”

It’s safe to say following industry trends has been a learning curve for both Randeep and Stellium as a whole, acquiring new skills as they go to ensure they are best positioned to help clients with their every need.

This is one of the ways in which Stellium defines its success. The other, through driving digital transformation.

Although not a new strategic initiative by any stretch of the imagination, Stellium enables a fresh take on digital transformation through comprehensive analysis, tailored solutions, pre-built content and measurable outcomes for its customer base. By engaging with customers, Stellium has a comprehensive understanding of needs and ensures they achieve meaningful and measurable success.

Randeep continues: “Our approach is slightly different as a partner and as a customer. A crucial perspective is to focus on how you ensure success.We do this by studying your landscape, your business operations and business processes. This helps us understand how you can tap into the technology platform and explore the simplification that technology can bring to streamline operations.

“Our long-term relationship and continued engagement with our customers in helping them transform their warehouse operations or transportation.”

An ongoing and trusted SAP partner

Stellium’s strong and global partnership with SAP is characterised by close collaboration, trust and mutual investment. With Stellium established on the foundation of SAP as a dependable brand, it has grown with the momentum of its ever-growing worldwide ecosystem. 

“We are tied to the entire ecosystem at different levels — at the product level, solution management level and field level — with organisations,” Randeep says. “We are engaged very heavily in the market, taking part in go-to-market (GTM) activities which leads to more product awareness, capabilities and solution awareness.

“We’re driving a lot of activities with SAP in these markets. We are invested in our partnership with SAP. Our main objective is to create lots of success stories and referenceable customers for addressing various unique scenarios across different industry segments that we

Practice. This helps clients to be comfortable and confident and to adopt SAP technology. 

“This is our mission.”


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