Articles by Marcus Law


Christine Kosmowski: growth mindset and hands-on leadership

Christina Kosmowski, CEO of LogicMonitor, discusses maintaining a growth mindset and the importance of maintaining accountability as a leader


Accelerate outcomes and cut waste with IT Asset Management

Having a comprehensive IT Asset Management strategy is essential for organisations to keep track of their IT assets and CIOs have a key part to play

Cognigy: Developing innovative Conversational AI solutions

Powering up contact centres with its Conversational AI capabilities, Cognigy is working with UiPath to develop innovative solutions for transforming CX


6G: Predictions for the network of the future

With cloud-based technology enabling higher speeds and microsecond latency, experts predict 6G will transform the world. The next generation is coming


Multi-million 6G investment to build digital infrastructure

Ericsson has announced a multi-million investment to drive 6G development, from cognitive networks and artificial intelligence (AI) to energy efficiency


Top 10 DevSecOps tools for 2022

With ever-increasing security concerns, we look at 10 of the top DevSecOps tools that organisations can implement into their DevOps pipelines


RaaS market growing as firms adopt cloud-based RPA models

Becoming increasingly popular, Robotics-as-a-Service is predicted to grow by over US$1bn as organisations look to adopt subscription-based RPA models


Concerns recession will slow digital transformation progress

Research has found 80% believe tomorrow’s workforce must have more business-savvy IT professionals and more IT-savvy business professionals to survive