Cloud architecture, machine learning, IoT - Alibaba Cloud's nine new products uncovered

By Ben Mouncer
Alibaba Cloud believes its suite of nine new products will disrupt the retail sector and have a ripple effect on other industries. Revealed this week b...

Alibaba Cloud believes its suite of nine new products will disrupt the retail sector and have a ripple effect on other industries.

Revealed this week by Alibaba's cloud computing arm at its Infinity 2018 conference, the nine offerings deliver innovative solutions in the areas of cloud architecture, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and security.

"This new suite of offering includes products that are highly efficient, cost effective, and some of them are the first of their kind in the industry," said Derek Wang, Chief Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud International.

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In data technology and AI, it is launching two products – Data Lake Analytics will allow customers to turn their cloud storage data into insights while PAI is its proprietary machine learning platform that enables customers with limited AI background easy access to Alibaba Cloud’s AI capabilities.

As well as a new IoT platform, an anti-bot service and a hybrid backup service for data, its 'Dedicated Host' platform provides customers with regulatory, stability and business standard requirements to enjoy a dedicated hosting service on a public cloud.

With China Unicom Global, it is launching Smart Access Gateway that supports a multiple location enterprise network. Others are Apsara Stack, the next generation hybrid cloud solutions, delivered in collaboration with HPE, and Elasticsearch, which is an open source tool developed by Elastic and available on Alibaba Cloud.

"These products all have specific features that meet an identified need within the flourishing retail market in Asia Pacific region," added Wang. "E-commerce is witnessing considerable growth and Alibaba Cloud, leveraging Alibaba Group’s development, can offer a mature ecosystem to support the regional retail sector. Using these products will help merchants deploy their resources more effectively, and gain deeper consumer insights. The technology available can also give our consumers better protection against fraud and an improved shopping experience."


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