Digital enterprise transformation with SAP and Deloitte

By William Smith
In this month’s issue of Gigabit, we spoke to Fawaz Al-Nouri, General Manager Transformation Acceleration Programs, EMEA, at SAP, who spoke in part ab...

In this month’s issue of Gigabit, we spoke to Fawaz Al-Nouri, General Manager Transformation Acceleration Programs, EMEA, at SAP, who spoke in part about the assistance consultancy Deloitte provides organisations as they digitally transform. 

“Whether you want to undertake an end-to-end procurement transformation or plan a bigger digital enterprise transformation with cloud technology, Deloitte can help,” he said.

Alongside the profile, Frederic Girardeau-Montaut, leader of Deloitte Consulting LLP’s SAP Ariba practice, shared his insights into what business leaders need to know about the transition as SAP ends support for its SAP Supplier Relationship Management solution in 2025. “For many SAP customers, the next step will be the SAP Ariba cloud suite,” says Girardeau-Montaut. “That’s where SAP is focusing its energy, innovations, and solution enhancements when it comes to procurement.”


When asked about the possibility of needs changing in the run up to 2025, and whether that affected the adoption of the SAP Ariba cloud suite, Girardeau-Montaut emphasised the versatility of a cloud solution. “With cloud, you can respond, scale, and evolve as the market evolves,” he said. “You can become a more kinetic enterprise—one that moves fast and with impact. Cloud also allows you to more seamlessly integrate capabilities—so you can link SAP Ariba solutions with the SAP S/4HANA digital core, for example, and take it one step further with SAP Integrated Business Planning. The payoff? You can drive intelligent automation and insights across the entire plan-to-procure-to-pay spectrum.”

Girardeau-Montaut also stresses the importance of a holistic digital transformation as opposed to an incremental technology upgrade. “This is an opportunity for a true digital business transformation,” says Girardeau-Montaut. “This is your chance to enable intelligent spend management that can drive savings and efficiencies across the business.''

You can read the full set of questions and answers with Frederic Girardeau-Montaut about SAP and Deloitte in this month’s issue of Gigabit.


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