Equinix extends the lead as worldwide data centre operator of choice

By Marcus Lawrence
As it continues its worldwide expansion programme, prolific data centre company Equinix has opened its eleventh IBX (International Business Exchange) fa...

As it continues its worldwide expansion programme, prolific data centre company Equinix has opened its eleventh IBX (International Business Exchange) facility in Tokyo alongside securing a new arrangement with AWS (Amazon Web Services) that will enhance its connectivity capabilities.

TY11, the latest Equinix data centre in Japan, will begin operations with a capacity of 950 cabinets and colocation space amounting to c.39,800sq/ft.

In its press release discussing TY11, Equinix said future expansions will bring capacity up to 3,500 cabinets with colocation space reaching 153,800sq/ft. Upon completion, TY11 will be the biggest IBX centre in Japan.

"With cloud services becoming increasingly crucial to global and local businesses who are eager to reach business partners and customers worldwide, an always-on, distributed IT infrastructure is extremely important to ensure real-time data delivery in today's fast-paced economy,” said Kei Furuta, Managing Director of Equinix North Asia, in a company press release. 


“With the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the 'Society 5.0' initiative and the arrival of 5G, interconnection will also play a crucial role in enabling seamless and secure interactions. We are thrilled about the opening of TY11, and we look forward to accelerating cloud adoption and innovation in Japan."

The new agreement with AWS, announced on 23 July, will enable enterprises to leveraged a reduction in latency and a boost to bandwidth for hybrid cloud architectures on Platform Equinix, catering to growing demand in industries around the world.

"Companies with latency-sensitive applications and workloads require predictable performance to ensure a consistent, high-quality user experience,” said Kaushik Joshi, Global Managing Director of  Strategic Alliances at Equinix, in the company’s statement. 

“AWS Direct Connect combined with ECX Fabric on the Equinix global interconnection platform is an ideal combination that allows these customers to deploy hybrid cloud architectures and achieve this level of performance and security. 

“By offering Dedicated Connections, and Hosted Connections with new 1G up to 10G speeds on ECX Fabric, we are enhancing private cloud connectivity for enterprises to help them accelerate their hybrid cloud transformations."


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