Fujitsu teams up with Ford subsidiary Autonomic to support cloud-based mobility-as-a-service models

By Laura Mullan
Fujitsu has teamed up with Autonomic, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ford Smart Mobility, to accelerate the automotive industry’s shift towards mobility...

Fujitsu has teamed up with Autonomic, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ford Smart Mobility, to accelerate the automotive industry’s shift towards mobility-as-a-service models.

By offering OEMs a new cloud-based solution, the companies plan to expand cloud mobility services to new regions and support ride sharing, fleet management and autonomous car routing services.

In doing so, they say they will combine Fujitsu’s capabilities in technology integration and automotive experience with Autonomic’s expertise in cloud services for connected vehicles.


“With the growth in connected cars, autonomous driving, sharing services, ride-hailing, and electric vehicles, the automotive industry is moving towards a services-led automotive ecosystem commonly known as mobility-as-a-service,” Fujitsu said in a company release.

“This has dramatically increased the demand for a fast and flexible mobility service platform that's capable of rapidly processing the vast quantity of data that mobility innovation generates, as well as streamlining applications' access to that data and those vehicles,” it added.

Initially, the companies will deliver the Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC) as well as Fujitsu's systems integration to Ford Motor Company, followed by a roll out to other global automakers.  

"Fujitsu is committed to its partnership with Autonomic to realize the future of mobility. We embrace co-creation, where we bring together knowledge, expertise, and technology from our ecosystem partners and customers to create better solutions," said Junichi Azuma, Corporate Executive officer and EVP, Head of Private Enterprise Business in the Technology Solutions Business at Fujitsu Limited.

"Our collaboration with Autonomic exemplifies how co-creation can help us achieve our vision to create a human-centric intelligent society - a safer, more sustainable world and rewarding place for future generations."'


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