May 17, 2020

IBM Cloud receives highest customer rating over past year

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When it comes to choosing a cloud provider, there are countless options - from the big tech beasts to smaller challengers.

Industry stalwart IBM celebr...

When it comes to choosing a cloud provider, there are countless options - from the big tech beasts to smaller challengers.

Industry stalwart IBM celebrated the fact that its cloud offering was ranked the highest by customers over the past twelve months on advisory firm Gartner’s Peer Insights review platform. Fending off competition from Amazon Web Services (which received a 4.6 from 1014 ratings), Microsoft Azure (which received a 4.5 from 660 ratings) and Google Cloud platform (which received a 4.5 from 474 ratings), IBM Cloud scored a 4.7 from 91 ratings.

IBM Cloud is said by the company to be used by companies across 20 industries. The suite, which operates on a SaaS model, includes data and AI tools, as well as access to IBM’s expertise.

Some of the “most helpful” reviews characterised the company’s offering as “Secure and Cost Effective”, “A good mix of PaaS services on cloud” and “A powerful environment for deploying web services.”


Another said: “Having a cloud storage avenue is something which will attract many companies, and hence, us having IBM Cloud acts as a big advantage, where there is no attacks or lose of information.”

Last November, the company bolstered its cloud offering with the addition of a new cybersecurity platform called Cloud Pak. Specifically targeted at hybrid cloud operations, the software can connect with different tools and clouds.

"As businesses move mission-critical workloads to hybrid multicloud environments, security data is spread across different tools, clouds and IT infrastructure. This can create gaps that allow threats to be missed, leading security teams to build and maintain costly, complex integrations and manual response plans," said Mary O'Brien, General Manager, IBM Security, at the time. "With Cloud Pak for Security, we're helping to lay the foundation for a more connected security ecosystem designed for the hybrid, multicloud world."

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Jun 24, 2021

Legend: John McAfee

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A controversial figure, John McAfee is credited with starting an entire technology industry around cybersecurity

John McAfee is credited with starting the entire cybersecurity industry. In 1987, he set up McAfee Associates and released VirusScan. Previous antivirus programs had been released, but McAfee’s was the first with mass appeal and was soon a day zero (or at least day one) installation for Windows users as well as corporate clients.

McAfee: divisive

But McAfee was also a hugely divisive character. He dismissed his own software, claimed he never used it, and rejoiced when Intel bought McAfee and took his name off “the worst software on the planet.” He was anti-tax, pro-drugs, anti-war and pro-free trade. He was also a tireless crusader for cyber awareness, and set up a political party called the Cyber Party in order to make a bid for the office of president of the US.

“I am now everlastingly grateful to Intel for freeing me from this terrible association with the worst software on the planet”

McAfee: born in the UK

McAfee was born in Gloucestershire, UK, but moved to Salem, Virginia, where his American father (his mother was English) shot himself when McAfee was 15. McAfee worked at NASA, Univac, Xerox, Computer Sciences Corporation, Booz Allen Hamilton and Lockheed. It was while working at the latter he was given a copy of Brain, the first computer virus for PC, and began to engineer a defence.

McAfee: controversy

Controversy dogged McAfee. He was implicated as a ‘person of interest’ in the search for a neighbour who had been shot. He married a prostitute. He claimed a cocaine baron was writing his biography. He was arrested for possession of an unlicensed weapon and for manufacturing drugs in Belize (later released without charge). There were various other arrests (mainly weapons related) but not much would stick until McAfee’s anti-tax stance caught up with him. 

McAfee: arrest

He fled the US as tax authorities turned up the heat on at least four years of non payment of tax and was arrested (again) in Spain in October 2020 at the behest of the US Department of Justice. Charges for fraudulently promoting cryptocurrencies were soon added and he was formally indicted in March 2021. In June 2021, the Spanish National Court authorised McAfee’s extradition to the US, and McAfee was found dead in his cell just hours later in what is widely believed to be a suicide.

McAfee: death

Even in death, McAfee courted controversy, having announced that if he was ever found to have committed suicide, it would mean he had been murdered. A slew of conspiracy theories mushroomed in the hours after his death was announced. It’s just what he would have wanted.

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