LexisNexis partner with Microsoft Azure for Lexis Omni

By partnering with Microsoft Azure for its Lexis Omni technology platform, LexisNexis will deepen the platform’s integration with Microsoft

LexisNexis’ platform, Lexis Omni, is a flexible technology platform for legal service delivery and is hosted by Microsoft Azure through this partnership.

Following the announcement, LexisNexis will now deepen Lexis Omni’s integration with Microsoft tools including Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, SQL, Power BI and Apps. 

The partnership will also enable simpler cloud deployment via Microsoft’s highly secure Azure environment.

Adding to the benefits of the partnership, LexisNexis has also been given ‘co-sell ready’ status in the Microsoft Partner Programme. This will allow them to deliver more tightly integrated solutions to the global legal sector.

“Microsoft business tools, Microsoft 365, Office, Teams, are preeminent on lawyers’ desktops and we are investing to ensure our products and services can work in tandem with their preferred technology, marrying our trusted platform to help them automate business processes, reduce costs and risks, become more efficient and cost-effective for their clients’ – whilst working in exactly the way they want to,” said Christian Fleck, Managing Director LexisNexis. 

“Through this collaborative engagement between our two global organisations, we are making technology and content deployment and consumption easier, and flexible, so that customers can maintain focus on their strategic priorities. This agreement also takes Lexis Omni into a larger marketplace and partner ecosystem,” he continued.

Delivering Lexis Omni through the Microsoft 365 technology stack

Now, customers will be able to maximise the value they derive from through their Microsoft enterprise agreement, as a result of the partnership. This will ultimately lead to an increased return on their technological investments.

Carlos de Torres, Vice President, GPS US ISV, Industry and Private Equity at Microsoft said, “We are pleased that LexisNexis is choosing to integrate with our core business tools, bringing together their market-leading transactional automation technologies, information and content within the Microsoft desktop and support the modern lawyer. LexisNexis is a digital pioneer in legal and is trusted for its expertise and innovative approach to product and information development for the legal sector.”

LexisNexis’ Lexis Omni platform offers tools architected on Microsoft technology that empower users to work and collaborate with clients and colleagues, enhance customer experience, increase efficiency and drive down cost. 

Customers using the platform, via Microsoft Azure, now have multiple options for consumption of these tools which will give them the freedom to decide how and where they want to operate from.

Through the partnership, Lexis Omni can now be delivered to desktops, mobile devices, through the web or any Microsoft 365 technology stack via Azure.


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