Microsoft and Rubrik to collaborate on ransomware support

Microsoft has invested in software start-up Rubrik to collaborate on products that will help customers hit by ransomware recover their critical data

Together, the companies will sell software based on Microsoft’s Azure cloud to prevent, find and recover from ransomware attacks. This software will also make sure backup copies of both customer data and cloud software have not been compromised by hackers. 

Additionally, customers will be able to recover their data without having to pay the hackers.

“When an attacker tells you they have control to the keys to your data and you can’t get it back without paying a ransom, this allows us to have an alternative source for that data in real-time to be able to bring that company back to operational control,” said Tyler Bryson, Microsoft vice president. 

“There’s a lot of backup solutions out there, but even those are vulnerable to having been compromised. If you didn’t design with the modern cloud architecture in mind, you may find you’ve just recovered to something already compromised,” he continued.

Addressing the critical need to overcome ransomware attacks

Currently, the companies share 2,000 customers. Although both Microsoft and Rubrik declined to specify the size of the investment. It is believed the funding totalled in the low tens of millions and valued Rubrik at about $4 billion. This was according to a person familiar with the matter, who asked not to be identified discussing private terms. 

The announcement comes as a large number of ransomware attacks have occurred this year. In these attacks, a hacker has been able to take over networks and demands payment in order for a company or government agency to regain its data and control of its systems.

This rise in attacks has been thought to have come about due to a push towards cloud technologies following the pandemic. More companies now use the cloud and their own corporate networks to deal with workforces split between home and an office and now Microsoft and Rubrik can offer a solution to overcome ransomware threats.

“If somebody makes a mistake like clicking on an offer for a free cruise and ransomware gets in, we have the full assessment and mitigation solution,” said Rubrik Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Bipul Sinha

Although Microsoft and Rubrik have been working on products for a few years, with this rise in ransomware attacks the need now has become more critical.


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