Startup Spotlight: Datadog’s cloud monitoring and analytics

By William Smith
Possessing what is surely the cutest logo of any company we’ve put the spotlight on, Datadog is a monitoring and analytics platform for cloud applicat...

Possessing what is surely the cutest logo of any company we’ve put the spotlight on, Datadog is a monitoring and analytics platform for cloud applications, based in New York.

The platform is intended for use by developers, IT and business users to gain oversight across an organisation’s cloud technology stack. Operating on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, Datadog’s software includes automated infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring and log management. The platform also has over 400 built in integrations with common platforms such as Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud and many more.

Customers include the likes of Peloton, 21st Century Fox, Dreamworks, Samsung, Ubisoft, The Washington Post and Whole Foods.

A recent development has seen the release of a security monitoring product intended to extended Datadog’s capabilities into the realm of security engineers, with features including real-time threat detection and easily customisable detection rules.


“Given their complexity and velocity, security teams are looking to partner with developers and operations teams to secure dynamic cloud environments,” said Marc Tremsal, Director of Product Management at Datadog. “We’ve built Datadog Security Monitoring to enable all engineers to cost-effectively analyze detailed observability data for potential threats, and easily collaborate during investigations.”

Having raised nearly $150mn across five funding rounds, last week, the firm announced first quarter results, with revenue climbing 87% year-over-year and the number of large customers growing by 89%.

CEO and co-founder Olivier Pomel was unphased by the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the company, saying in the press release: “In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are focused on ensuring the safety of our employees, continuing to best serve our customers, and investing in our platform. This crisis has demonstrated the need to be digital-first and agile, has underscored the importance of observability into cloud environments, and reaffirmed the long-term opportunity for Datadog.”


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