Aug 5, 2020

Tencent: top ten cloud companies

Kayleigh Shooter
2 min
We take a closer look at Tencent, an innovative cloud company who claimed the ninth spot in our list of the top ten cloud companies...

 Tencent Holdings is a multi-industry holding company, founded in 1988 and based in Shenzhen. Tencent is the world’s largest video game company meaning it is one of the world’s most financially viable companies. 

Tencent is the company that created the hugely successful video game, PUBG, that took the industry by storm back in 2017 and is still played by millions of people to this day. The company connects people, services and devices to allow win-win ecosystems for each and every company. Connecting people is at the core of what the company does, they provide a wide range of services that are easy for customers to use, some examples are; Weixin/Wechat, QQ and Qzone.

It has recently been announced that the company is in talks to create a $10 billion streaming giant. It is in discussion to merge the chinese technology giant Huya and DouYu to dominate the market.

The merger has been discussed for the past months, the deal could be groundbreaking for the industry. The partnership will remove any competition from the companies and allow for them to collaborate together to eliminate all competition and be the leading company in the market.

The innovative company is using technology to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, they have launched an “International anti COVID-19 service package” which aims to help companies, medical institutes and governing bodies. 

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a massive hit to all companies and has taken the world by storm, so any innovative technology that can aid the battle against the deadly virus will be well received.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit Tencent, and its Chief Executive Officer says “Our thoughts and hearts go out to all the people who are suffering from the pandemic.” The company reported a revenue of 108,100 Chinese Yuan for Q1 2020. 

The full list of the top ten cloud companies can be found in the latest edition of Technology Magazine, read by clicking the button below. 

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Jul 26, 2021

Five9: the cloud software industry leaders acquired by Zoom

contact centre
Catherine Gray
2 min
Following the announcement of Zoom buying cloud company Five9 for almost $15billion, we take a deeper look into the company’s history and success

Five9 is the leading provider of cloud contact centre software. Driven by a passion for transforming contact centres into customer engagement centres of excellence, Five9 have a deep understanding of the cost and complexity of running a contact centre.

Founded in 2001, Five9 help contact centres of every size create powerful connections. 

The company has over 20 years of cloud contact centre experience, reaches over 2,000 customers worldwide, and annually reaches over 7 billion customer interactions. 

Built on a highly reliable, secure and scalable cloud platform, Five9 makes it easy to rapidly trial and deploy new services. Its software also future proofs businesses by supporting AI and other emerging technologies.

Utilising cloud capabilities for improved customer experience

Offering software that creates more successful customer interactions, Five9’s cloud contact centre software increases contact centre productivity. This is without the capital expense and maintenance costs of premise-based systems.

Built on flexible architecture that adapts to a company’s changing needs, Five9 customers benefit from a secure, reliable and scalable contact centre.

Five9’s cloud contact centre platform also gives customers access to an extensive ecosystem of partners. Its platform can be enhanced with leading customer relationship management, analytics, workforce management, performance management solutions and telephony providers.

By utilising cloud technology, Five9 customers have access to the latest capabilities through no-touch, non-disruptive real-time upgrades.

Five9’s recognition for industry-leading software

As a leading cloud contact centre software provider, Five9 has been recognised by leading industry publications and organisations for its success and innovative solutions.

For the fourth consecutive year, Five9 has ranked as a global leader for The Aragon Research Globe for Intelligent Contact Centres 2021. 

Five9 was also one of only three providers to earn the MetriStar Top Provider award when evaluated as part of Metrigy’s global 2021-2022 Workforce Optimisation and Engagement research study.

Five9: Zoom’s first major acquisition

Zoom Video Communications has agreed to buy Five9 for about $14.7bn, marking the company’s first major acquisition.

This deal with Five9 will help expand the company’s Zoom Phone offering.

“I believe the combination of Zoom and Five9 will be a game-changer. Joining forces will create a transformative opportunity for two strong companies with complementary capabilities and shared values,” said Five9’s CEO, Rowan Trollope.

With Zoom’s reach and brand, the acquisition will help Five9 propel forward and help the company deliver on its goal of significant international expansion

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