Trifacta announces data wrangling integration with Microsoft Azure

By Romily Broad
Data wrangling powerhouse Trifacta has launched its Wrangler Enterprise product on Microsoft's Azure Marketplace, where it says organisations can put it...

Data wrangling powerhouse Trifacta has launched its Wrangler Enterprise product on Microsoft's Azure Marketplace, where it says organisations can put it to work within 30 minutes.

The move continues Trifacta's drive to accommodate growing demand from enterprises looking to more efficiently prepare their data for use at source, in the cloud, wherever those clouds may be. Trifacta already has partnerships in place with Google and Amazon. With Google, Trifacta collaborated for over a year on the development of Google Cloud Dataprep before its launch in March 2017. It expanded its reach to Amazon Web Services and the AWS Marketplace in November last year.

Wrangler Enterprise on Azure enables users to leverage the scalable computing power of Microsoft HDInsight and supports customers wanting to wrangle raw data from and to downstream analysis in Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Data Lake Store, or Azure Storage Blob

Data preparation - the process of organising and testing data from an ever increasing range of sources before it can be applied to analytics or machine-learning systems - has historically been one of the most burdensome and expensive parts of any data science task. Trifacta's success to date - it secured another $48mn in funding in January, including from Google - has been rooted in its platform's ability to significantly simplify it.

Where enterprises had come to see data preparation as a bottleneck in their analytics efforts, consuming up to 80% of the entire project time, data wrangling solutions such as Trifecta's aim to "democratise data" by taking it out of the hands of engineers and putting directly into the hands of the business users and analysts that need it.

The company tripled its client base over the last 12 months, in line with a surging analytics market that IDC predicts will be worth $210bn by 2020.

Large operations such as Chubb, Donnelley Financial Solutions, and Etihad Airways are already on board with Wrangler Enterprise on Microsoft Azure, says the company, adding to a touted client line-up of more than 10,000 companies.

"Trifacta’s customers are increasingly adopting cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud strategies to manage their data," said Adam Wilson, CEO of Trifacta. "With the addition of Trifacta’s data wrangling solution to the Azure Marketplace, we’re furthering our vision of allowing customers to refine their data wherever it lives and accelerate their ability to put it to use."

“Clean data is critical to any information-based organization,” said Charlotte Yarkoni, VP C+E Growth and Ecosystems. “But the process of cleaning and preparing data for use is time consuming and challenging. Trifacta, by leveraging Microsoft Azure big data and advanced analytics services, arms our shared customers with the ability to simplify those processes in order to more efficiently analyse the data and seek out meaningful insights."


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