Devoteam: Harnessing the power of creative technology to create better change

Devoteam: Harnessing the power of creative technology to create better change

Digital transformation experts Devoteam put people at the centre of the digital transformation journey, bringing business and technology together...

‘Tech for people unlocks the future’ is the message and purpose of digital transformation company Devoteam. 

Devoteam invites its clients into a ‘technology driven world where people come first’. They work collaboratively with organisations on designing and executing their transformation journeys, creating a bridge between technology and business success. 

For over 25 years Devoteam has been helping clients in 18 countries across Europe and the Middle East take their business performance to the next level - and is growing at pace as we speak.  

Richard Andrews, Managing Director of Devoteam UK, said: “Devoteam operates at the intersection of people, business processes and technology. We enable clients to leverage technology, not for the sake of it, but to enable our client's people which we see as key to their success. 

“Our ‘Tech for People’ ethos resonates strongly with all Devoteamers. By living and breathing this, we empower clients to imagine and realise change, unlocking their potential and helping them achieve their goal becoming a digital organisation. That is the core of what we do.”

Today, the expertise of Devoteam’s 8,000 professionals is helping companies to reassess the technologies at their disposal. It’s driver is to ensure that the organisations they work with have the right tools, in the right hands, that will allow their businesses to accelerate. 

With many organisations still navigating a path to recovery from COVID-19, this has never been more important. For Devoteam, creatively employing technology is seen as an absolute necessity if businesses are to remain competitive. It’s role - helping clients to recognise the opportunity a post-COVID 19 world presents to leverage the power of technology, not just to survive, but to thrive. 

“We believe that the way to achieve success with technology is through a creative mindset. Being agile, innovative, sharing knowledge and working cross-functionally. In our vision, technology does not only meet challenges and solve problems, it will actively make changes for the better.” Andrews added

Helping organisations operate in the New Reality

Andrews reflected on how COVID-19 is forcing companies to rely on technology, as they move from ‘bricks and mortar’ to remote and flexible working. “Modern cloud-based collaboration tools have proved their necessity and effectiveness in keeping businesses running and to keep people and ideas connected,” he said.

“We’ve adapted some of our core offerings to this “new reality”, however, the core of what we do hasn't changed. Our focus is on creating digital strategy, understanding how businesses can best leverage tech platforms, and cybersecurity. 

Through the creative use of technology we are helping organisations to adapt and accelerate digital journeys, while empowering the people within them to work collaboratively with the agility to drive innovation and deliver better change.” 

Devoteam has created five “new reality” priorities that every firm should consider accelerating now. “We looked at our offerings and identified priorities for business continuity and more rapid adoption of digital tech and ways of working. Despite the challenges of the last year, organisations that adopt these priorities will come out stronger, more powerful and with a more people centric business model. This delivers resilience and deeper engagement with customers, staff and partners. ” he said. (SEE BOX-OUT)

Looking ahead to how the pandemic will shape working practices, Andrews predicts a more ‘phygital world’ - a hybrid mix of physical and digital.

“People want positive experiences regardless of channel. All organisations must consider how they deliver seamless and remarkable omnichannel experiences in both the physical and digital worlds”.

According to Devoteam the five points to address the new reality include:  

1 Cost - reduce cost and increase productivity

According to Devoteam smart leaders should deliver external value by focusing internally and seeking excellence in operations. This includes platform adoption and process automation that will remove repetitive and manual tasks to drive operational transformation and empower users. Result: lower costs and higher performance.

2 Revenue - increase omnichannel revenue

Creating value is an end-to-end process in which nothing should be left to chance. ‘Facts replace luck’ by uncovering user insights, testing new ideas by prototyping and leading to digital solutions. Devoteam warns the best user experience and products will underperform if they are not supported by a clear Go To Market which is an efficient sales and marketing machine.

3 People - deploy the extended workplace

Enable excellence with a reliable and scalable workplace for your people, recommends Devoteam. Strengthen the workplace with powerful collaborative tools, e-training platforms and the right cultural shift to unleash your people’s potential.

4 Resilience - ensure 360-degree enterprise resilience

Devoteam says that to operate in the new reality, a business needs to spread enterprise-wide resilience from automation of business continuity and cybersecurity. 

5 Adaptability - Re-shape business models for an uncertain future

Transforming the core of the organisation to become a true ‘digital corporation’, requires deep changes: operational, technological but also cultural. 

Defining business priorities

Andrews highlighted some of the areas that Devoteam believes should be high on the agenda for organisations looking to build in resilience and improve their ability to gain actionable insights. 

“One of the key things we're prompting clients to think about is the increased importance of cybersecurity, particularly as people are not in their offices with the comfort of closed networks. We're now accessing information through multiple devices in multiple locations, across many different types of networks”.

“Organisations need to consider how they balance risk with giving access to their employees, and their customers the ability to transact with them without hindering the user experience.”

Andrews continued: “Another aspect we’re evangelical about is how we can support organisations to access and harness data. Businesses need data that can tell them how they’re engaging with customers and business financial performance, delivered in as close to real time as possible. Things have been changing so quickly over the last year, it's never been more important to be looking at accurate information, rather than data that might already be three or four weeks old. This way organisations can be sure that they are making the right decisions at the right moment, ensuring the best possible outcomes”

Devoteams’ 6 strategic domains:

Digital Business and Products

Making organisations be better, faster, stronger by leveraging cloud-based platforms. Devoteam assists in setting up multidisciplinary teams to shape innovative business models and create outstanding digital products enabled by tech. 

Data Driven Intelligence

Supporting clients in mastering the key competencies to scale insights-driven principles across the business, enabling them to turn data into actions that will give them competitive advantage and drive tangible business impact.

Distributed Cloud

A full spectrum of cloud services designed to speed up innovation, drive business agility, streamline operations, and optimize costs.

Business Automation

Building end-to-end intelligent automation ecosystems driven by platforms that improve processes, connect people and make the system smarter.

Trust and Cybersecurity.

Helping organisations understand their ‘threat’ landscape and manage risks by capitalizing on the innovative solutions of technology partners. 

Sustainability Enabled by Digital

Support organisation in becoming responsible digital companies ready to turn Sustainable Development challenges into opportunities. 

Creating and realising the the clients’ vision

What Devoteam offers may be comprehensive, but at the core of its approach is the desire to understand where clients currently are on their digital transformation journeys, and working with them collaboratively to create a vision that best supports their business objectives and ambitions. 

Andrews explained: “We focus on helping clients define their digital vision, strategy and roadmap, which Devoteam supports with insights and business cases. We create a sustainable plan that's achievable for our client.” 

“An intrinsic part of the strategy is to see how you can make organisations more agile and services oriented. This change allows an organisation to operate effectively, without being shackled by legacy infrastructure. 

“Another important element is to create a truly digital workplace by looking at how you leverage technology and tools in order to empower your employees to be better at what they're doing.

“Adopting innovative technologies is key to empowering your people; giving them cloud-based platforms so you can operate anytime, anywhere with the appropriate security and resilience. This really does support an organisation’s digital journey. 

“Digital platforms allow you to create really great and engaging experiences, so your employees are fully engaged with your goals and vision, and you can bring customers closer to your business through the amazing experiences you create for them.”

Strategic partnerships that drive innovation

Devoteam works with five world leading tech partners; Servicenow, Google (for whom it is a Premier Cloud Partner), Salesforce and Microsoft and AWS. All are best-in-class for Cloud and represent the market game changers for digital transformation.

“By combining Devoteam’s creativity and data insights with world leading and innovative technology platforms and cloud solutions, we enable our customers to transform their businesses and unlock the future”. Andrews said. 

“We live in ecosystems; no one can do everything or go it alone. It’s the same for firms aiming to go digital. Mutually beneficial partnerships and collaboration are critical to achieving success.”

Devoteam was recently recognised as the 2021 ServiceNow EMEA IT Workflow Partner of the Year, having been EMEA Elite Partner of the Year in 2020. 

“ServiceNow is a great example of an innovative technology partner that we know can really deliver great value to our clients. We work collaboratively to implement that technology and provide greater operational efficiency, as well as real time data and insights which aid decision-making. It's a very powerful platform and one which is evolving all the time,” he said. 

While concentrating on the technologies and partners that can add real value right now for clients, Devteam is always future facing. Looking to the future Andrews said: “We are looking increasingly at how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other cutting edge technologies can drive better processing activity, better execution and also better insights to aid decision-making at scale”.

Focused on delivering the best possible outcomes

“We help our clients make the right business decisions to deliver the best outcomes. In any organisation, be it B2B or B2C, we're there to deliver results that will delight them.”

Andrews continued “It doesn't matter whether the digital platform is connecting you with your own employees or with your end consumers, the focus should always be on how you can make that interaction as pleasurable and profitable an experience as possible.”

“The question becomes how does the client need to adjust their business processes to empower their people to be more effective in what they're doing? So it goes way beyond technology, it's about understanding how our clients need to reshape themselves to become fully digital organisations, and how we ensure their people are at the heart of that change for the better.”

Richard Andrews