Head of DevOps Centre CSB

Peter Ettrich started his career over 30 years ago with the first implementation and support of the ERP System CSB at a meat and sausage factory in south Germany. 

After a few years, for the first time he connected his professional life with Bell Food Group and ended up taking care of CSB Systems at various Bell’s locations. 

The next step in his career was CSB Switzerland, where he worked as a Project Manager and CSB Consultant for national and international CSB Customers.
5 years ago he joined Bell Food Group again. His previous experience and participation in many international projects allowed him to take on the position of Project Manager and Team Leader. Additionally, starting this year, Peter became the leader of the DevOps Centre CSB, and is responsible for the CSB Applications in 19 of Bell’s factories throughout Europe.


You spent over a year in Spain introducing CSB in our factory. What did you like most about this project? 

The best part of being part of such a project was the opportunity to work with different people, and get to know another culture and mentality. It is also nice to inspire people with a good product. At the end of the successful project you have the satisfaction of knowing that you and your colleagues have done a good job, especially when you receive positive feedback.

What lessons did you learn along the way?

It was, and still is, a difficult time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were forced to work more online and provide our colleagues with as much support as possible in that way throughout the past year. . 

At the beginning it was a huge challenge, but in my opinion, each day is better than the last.

Would you do anything different if you were given the chance to start over again?
It is difficult to say after a successful implementation, but for sure there are always areas to be improved. Thinking about the next big project, I would say we should pay more attention - and use more time to create - detailed descriptions of the requirements.
But each project is different, and we need to be flexible, adjusting the way we work, as well as our ideas, to emerging problems.