Allan is the Global CTO for the SAP Consultancy Services in IBM.

His work is engineered around driving the next generation of our clients Business Transformation through architecting capabilities in the shift from Transactional excellence to Intelligent Enterprise outcomes. 

Using the value of exponential technologies, this shift is done by engineering the optimal architectures between SAP and IBM in the likes of Data, Integration, Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation.

Allan has over 20 years consulting experience in major organisations across all industry sectors, holding many Lead Architect client positions and CTO positions in IBM

Client feedback

"Allan has brought a level of expertise and experience to the SKF UNITE Programme beyond what I have previously experienced in my 18 years in the industry. He is not only a true Enterprise Architect with the ability to see the broader picture including the business value in the target state perspective but also an expert on a very detailed level"​...SKF Head of Architecture