Arungalai Anbarasu on how to create a Digital Triplet

Waygate Technologie’s Chief Technology & Strategy Officer discusses how a layer of inspection and metrology data can create a Digital Triplet

Arungalai Anbarasu is the Chief Technology & Strategy Officer at Waygate Technologies. She drives strategy and innovation for the company and pushes technology and business model boundaries on 'inspection solutions'.

Aru and her team are also focused on the digital transformation of Waygate Technologies, spearheading the company's evolution into a Digital Inspection Solutions provider; taking customers from inspections to insights; and from insights to innovations through a start-up business approach.

Waygate Technologies is part of Digital Solutions, a multi-billion dollar business of Baker Hughes, with offices and manufacturing facilities in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia. With 120+ years of combined experience, they 'bring peace of mind to the world's infrastructure' by delivering customer outcomes through intelligent, connected technologies to sense, monitor, control and inspect.

In her talk on Digital Triplets, Anbarasu asks: "We pride ourselves as being the market leaders in the industrial inspection space. We come from a legacy that is more than a century old. We have the people who actually commercialised the first ultrasound for industrial use - the Krautkrämer brothers - is a major part of what we do. Same with Seiffert with X-Rays and industrialising that part," she said.

"And with that, one of the big aspects of this is inspection and the data we get from it."

Anbarasu reveals in her keynote speech that while no-one may want inspections, they produce high return on investment. She explains how Digital Triplets are the next next phase beyond Digital Twins and produce better lifetime value.

Who is Arungalai Anbarasu?

Anbarasu is no stranger to us at Technology Magazine, placing 27th on our global list of the world's Top 100 Technology Leaders. 

In a glittering career full of accolades, she identifies first as a mother, and professionally as CTO, CSO and global business (P&L) leader. 

Anbarasu has also spent over a decade in GE in multiple global impactful roles in business divisions such as Global Research Centre, Oil & Gas, Power Conversion, Healthcare and Renewables across the world. She is an official member of Forbes Technology Council, an influential thought leader and highly passionate about encouraging Women in STEM fields.

She has also been voted one of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology by National Diversity Council and International Achievers’ Award, 2021 by Indian Achievers Award, 40 under 40 by CDO Magazine, and chosen as one of the 10 most inspiring women leaders to follow in 2022 by Insights Success.


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