Event Spotlight: MicroStrategy at Big Data LDN

By Harry Menear
Taking place today and tomorrow at the Olympia Conference Centre in London, Big Data LDN 2019 is bringing together the leading minds and companies in th...

Taking place today and tomorrow at the Olympia Conference Centre in London, Big Data LDN 2019 is bringing together the leading minds and companies in the data analytics space. From industry giants like the Microsoft Azure team and Google’s Chief Decisions Scientist, Cassie Kozyrkov, to dynamic and vibrant challengers like H2O.ai, the two day event is an unparalleled source of insight into the state of the data analytics landscape. 

The event is home to 130 leading technology vendors, and is hosting talks by 150 thought leaders and industry experts across nine stages. 

On a global level, data analytics are becoming the lifeblood of the modern enterprise. Good data can empower better decision making at every level of a company, creating efficiencies, managing relationships and generating the kind of insights that can be the difference between a company’s aggressive growth and a foreclosure sign. 

However, the data analytics industry is facing an array of challenges to adoption. Tackling these challenges has been a recurring theme of today’s talks. We sat down to hear what Rob Davis, VP of Product Management at MicroStrategy has to say about these challenges, and how his company can help overcome them. 


“There are three main challenges to a company turning itself into an intelligent enterprise,” says Davis. “First, data analytics to solve day to day business issues only has a 30% adoption rate. That means that 70% of employees - usually at lower levels in the business - aren’t using analytics. Everyone needs access to analytics to do his or her job better. Second, the data landscape is - and if you look around the conference hall, it’s pretty obvious - constantly changing and becoming more diverse. Lastly, enterprise analytics systems are complex.”

The average company has two different business intelligence tools. A few have a lot more than that, and much fewer only have one. Gathering that data together in a way that ensures that it’s trustworthy - something Davis calls “a single version of the truth” - is the problem MicroStrategy wants to solve using a simple, zero-click BI tool. 

“Asking everyone to become a data scientist is like asking everyone - if we use the analogy of the English language - to become a poet. Some people just want to read a trashy romance novel or the newspaper,” he says. “We’re not trying to turn everyone into a data scientist. We’re trying to make everyone’s individual jobs easier. The intelligent enterprise should have the ability to manage yesterday’s data assets, today’s data assets and the data assets of tomorrow, and shortening the gap between business analytics and action is key to increasing adoption.” 

The event continues tomorrow and includes a talk by Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Chris Wylie. 


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