Dell Technologies publishes findings from a survey focused on gathering insight into how the next generation of workers feels about digital transformation and their prospects in the digitized workplace
May 17, 2020
Marcus Lawrence

Global study finds Generation Z is optimistic about effects of increased tech in the workplace

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Dell Technologies has published the findings of a global study conducted by Dimensional Research regarding Generation Z’s perception of digital transf...

Dell Technologies has published the findings of a global study conducted by Dimensional Research regarding Generation Z’s perception of digital transformation in the workplace, with the majority tending towards a positive outlook

Conducted across 17 countries and 12 languages, the study focused on individuals aged 16-23 to gather insight from students on the verge of entering the workplace.

The results indicate that the emerging generation of workers actively desire to work in technologically-advanced environments, with 80% stating they want to work with the latest tech and 91% saying that a firm’s level of tech integration would be a deciding factor in joining as an employee.

Generation Z also has a general willingness to assist older colleagues with the continued transition to a digitized workplace, with 85% feeling comfortable with mentoring others on the use of technology.

Outside of technology, the survey also sought insight into the kinds of roles and organisations that Generation Z will be looking for, as well as how prepared young people feel for the launch of their careers.

The results indicate a continued shift towards a desire for personal fulfilment and to enact some good in society, with 32% wanting to work for socially and environmentally-responsible companies and 51% hoping their job will provide meaning beyond remuneration.

Generation Z is also keen for variety and ongoing development across their careers, with 50% hoping to work in roles that enable the development of new skills and provide novel experiences.

There is, however, a level of disparity between the incoming workforce’s confidence with technology and its perceived readiness for entering the workplace. 

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According to the survey, a staggering 88% of respondents harbour concerns about beginning their careers and only 53% believe their education provides a strong foundation for success in the future.

Claire Vyvyan, Dell EMC’s senior vice president of the UK and Ireland, said:

“It’s encouraging to see that Generation Z want to work in a fair and balanced workplace, powered by advanced technology. They believe this technology will bring equality and will require it of their future employers. 

“To engage this generation, employers will need to invest in both the back and the front office – providing the front-line tools and the machine-refined insight modern workers will look for.”

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