Trianz CEO launches Trasers to disrupt digital transformation

By Harry Menear
Sri Manchala, founder of management consultancy Trianz, has just launched a new company. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Trasers is a data-dri...

Sri Manchala, founder of management consultancy Trianz, has just launched a new company. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Trasers is a data-driven analytics and consulting company with the express goal of enabling IT leaders to successfully navigate the digital transformation process.  

Billing itself as a ‘first-of-its-kind’ enterprise, Trasers is openly declaring itself as competition for the world’s biggest consulting firms like Gartner, IDG and Accenture.

Image from Trasers

A source close to Trasers even goes to far as saying that the traditional market research model used by IDG, Gartner, Forrester, etc. is fundamentally broken: it’s too influenced by vendors, too expensive and fails to deliver insights that drill down to industry or role-specific levels.

The idea for for Trasers came from the pain points that Manchala himself experienced while undergoing a digital transformation. He believes that the reason why a large number of digital transformations fail - just this month, car rental firm LeasePlan chalked up around $110mn in losses due to a failed ERP integration, and last year Lidl abandoned a similar plan in a move that cost the company more than $550mn - is a focus on technology at the expense of the employee, customer and partner (read: human) experience. 


"It's unfair to view digital transformation as an IT problem; In a landscape of rapidly changing customer behavior and disruptive technologies, digital transformation is about reimagining your core product or service value proposition and reinventing the business value chain to deliver consistent and connected experiences" said Manchala. 

This is where Trasers’ database of over 1.5mn unique and constantly-updated data points gleaned from over 5,000 different organisations comes in. 

Trasers says it offers unbiased, data-focused insights based on millions of data points tailored to each department of a company. 

"There is a great urgency but also a high level of misunderstanding and siloed initiatives. Our core belief is that company leaders must take a holistic approach to digital transformation, one in which each member of the leadership team has a critical stake and unbiased data points to inform every step of the process,” says Manchala. “No one can match the power of our data, nor the critical insights it brings.” 

Trasers’ offerings at launch include transformation insight services ranging from reports tailored by industry and role to benchmarking and custom research services. Designed for early-stage to advanced digital transformers, the company’s data covers 18 industries and over a dozen leadership roles.


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