Wejo: Unlocking the power of autonomous vehicle data

We take a look at Wejo and its products which provide data that can support autonomous, electric and connected vehicles on a global scale

Founded in 2014, Wejo Group Limited is a leader in cloud and software analytics for connected, electric, and autonomous vehicles. 

In a move to create a safer and smarter world, Wejo partners with ethical, like-minded companies and organisations to turn that data into insights that unlock value for consumers. With the most comprehensive and trusted data, information and intelligence. 

“What sets Wejo apart from other data suppliers working in this space is that Wejo has a much broader perspective about how, where and when connected vehicle data can be utilised across multiple areas of the business. Our experience in real-time traffic monitoring, edge processing and vehicle movements allows us to see the bigger picture so that we can help organisations see the value they can achieve by tapping into connected vehicle data,” said Matt Bialuk, Senior Vice President of Dealer and Insurance Solutions at Wejo.

Providing access to connected vehicle data for insurance providers across Europe

Earlier this year, Wejo partnered with Ford Motor Company in Europe to provide Wejo access to personalised connected vehicle data from Ford vehicles across the continent. The partnership focuses on defined data sets created specifically for end-to-end insurance in Europe. 

“Providing actionable data insights to insurance providers is another example of how Wejo is expanding into additional markets and demonstrating new use cases for OEMs and insurance companies to monetise connected vehicle data for good. We will continue to work with partners like Ford and other vehicle OEMs to look beyond insurance to identify all the use cases for connected vehicle data,” said Richard Barlow, founder and CEO, Wejo. 

Wejo will leverage Ford’s end-to-end data consent process through which the insurance company gains consent from the customer to access the personalised vehicle data such as vehicle location, speed and mileage. 

Once provided, that consent is then passed back to Ford through Wejo to release the data for analysis and insight. The connected vehicle data is then passed back to the insurer to establish usage-based end-to-end car insurance policies that are appealing to the customer based on their safe driving or limited mileage.

Graeme Stevens, Manager, Third Party Enablement at Ford of Europe, said: “At Ford we believe in the power of harnessing connected vehicle data. Through the insights our vehicles and customers can provide us, with full consent, we are able to better understand driving behaviors and ultimately make the insurance experience a much more tailored and cost-effective experience for our customers. We want to continue to demonstrate how through connectivity we are able to help make the driving experience across Europe better.”


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