Appian: Accelerating Digital Transformation with EXL

Appian’s Jake Sloan explains their new partnership with EXL and how the company helps insurers deliver digital, connected insurance fast

As competition intensifies and customer demands for a digital experience grow, finding new ways to deliver a seamless, connected insurance experience is critical. 

Appian is dedicated to helping insurance companies around the world modernize and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. Whether by enabling more connected underwriting, streamlining agent and broker processes, or accelerating claims management, Appian helps insurers extend their legacy systems and delight their customers with a more connected value chain. Jake Sloan, Appian Global Industry Manager for Insurance, explains how the 22-year-old company helps insurance organisations build apps and workflows rapidly, using  a low-code automation platform. 

“We help insurers combine people, technologies, and data in a single workflow so they can maximize their resources and improve business results, all while reducing the technical debt often incurred by legacy and core systems,”said Sloan. 

Low-code supports organizations as they look to modernize their operations and automate complex workflows. To do this effectively, Sloan explained, “insurers need to find a way to avoid costly ‘rip-and-replace’ scenarios, remain agile, and rapidly evolve as the market, regulations, and customer needs change. This is where low-code can help.”

The Appian Low-Code Platform helps insurers dramatically reduce their time and cost to implement, and accelerates application development by 17x, according to a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact™️ report.  

Appian is the only recognized global leader across multiple enterprise technology markets, including digital process automation (DPA), intelligent business process management systems (iBPMS), and dynamic case management (DCM).

Together with EXL, Appian is helping insurance firms accelerate their digitalization journeys and move at the speed today’s world demands. With its Low-Code Platform, Sloan says, “Appian gives insurers unprecedented agility to rapidly transform the customer experience and seize new opportunities to grow revenue.”.

With these aligned goals and values, “Appian is a natural partner to further complement EXL’s offerings,” Sloan said. As EXL is an expert in insurance-specific business process outsourcing (BPO), it seemed like a logical next step for the two to join forces.

“As today’s insurers continue to modernize, there are often strategies that involve BPO extensions of their core operations, and the EXL/Appian partnership accelerates the pace of this modernization with deep experience in claims, collections, and AI solutions,” Sloan continued.

And both companies place a strong emphasis on supporting their clients with hyperautomation, which is all about automation at speed and combining automation technologies (e.g., RPA, AI, machine learning) with technologies that allow for faster application (e.g., low-code). Sloan expanded on this, noting that “the EXL/Appian partnership enables organizations to scale beyond robotic process automation , driving digital transformation and hyper-efficient enterprises.”

He added, “Appian has a strong delivery team and ecosystem of trusted delivery partners like EXL. We also provide EXL with expert architecture guidance, training courses, and center of enablement experience to maximize Appian platform adoption and business and IT delivery.” 

“Our partnership with EXL enables insurers to be successful and drive market differentiation. It gives them ready-built solutions that they can deploy rapidly and see results in a matter of weeks, not months or years. We're very excited to continue to leverage this partnership.”


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