May 17, 2020

Apple Watch's health app can help detect heart irregularities

Callum Rivett
1 min
Apple Watch is making an impact in healthcare
An app on the Apple Watch can help identify a symptomless heart irregularity with 97% accuracy, according to the Heart Rythm Society.


An app on the Apple Watch can help identify a symptomless heart irregularity with 97% accuracy, according to the Heart Rythm Society. 

Diagnosing atrial fibrillation - a heart defect that causes an unusually high heart rate and is the leading cause of strokes - has been difficult as most sufferers show no symptoms of the condition.

Cardiogram monitored 6,000 participants in a study with the University of California to train and perfect its algorithm to detect and predict atrial fibrillation. 

This could be the first step in the transition of Apple Watch from cool tech showpiece to a must-have health gadget, with reports that future Watches could feature glucose monitoring through sensors on smart watch bands.

30 million people suffer from diabetes in the US alone, whilst the current blood monitoring tactics involving pricking a finger with a lancet and using test strips and a meter to get a reading is intrusive. 

A technological development that could automatically detect when blood sugar is too low or too high just by wearing a watch strap is thought to be a priority for Apple, after they hired around 200 PhDs over the past year to help push the health aspect of Watch. 


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Jun 24, 2021

Brave's new privacy-focused search engine is now in beta

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Brave, makers of the privacy-focused Brave browser, has launched their new search engine, Brave Search, in public global beta

Brave, the creator of a popular ad-blocking browser, has opened a public beta of its privacy-focused search engine, Brave Search. 

The search engine was previously announced in March when Brave acquired Tailcat, and since then there have been over 100,000 users who signed up for preview access and testing. Brave recently passed 32 million monthly active users (up from 25 million last March), and Brave Search is the latest product offered by the company in its suite of privacy-preserving tools. Brave already offers privacy-preserving Brave Ads, Brave News, and a Firewall+VPN service.

Brave Search is available in beta release globally on all Brave browsers (desktop, Android, and iOS) as one of the search options alongside other search engines, and will become the default search in the Brave browser later this year. It is also available from any other browser at

"Brave Search is the industry’s most private search engine, as well as the only independent search engine, giving users the control and confidence they seek in alternatives to big tech,” said Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave. 

“Unlike older search engines that track and profile users, and newer search engines that are mostly a skin on older engines and don’t have their own indexes, Brave Search offers a new way to get relevant results with a community-powered index, while guaranteeing privacy. Brave Search fills a clear void in the market today as millions of people have lost trust in the surveillance economy and actively seek solutions to be in control of their data,” added Eich.

How does Brave Search work?

Brave Search uses its own index and ensures ‘a fully anonymous search’. It is transparent in how search results are ranked and integrates with a privacy-preserving browser on desktop and mobile.

In order to present an alternative to big tech, Brave decided to build its own index rather than rent it from Google or Microsoft, as other smaller search engines are currently doing. Brave Search includes anonymised contributions from the community to improve and refine results. However, there are types of queries and certain areas such as image search, for which their results are not relevant enough yet, and in those cases, they are using APIs until they can expand their index. 

Brave Search is not displaying ads during this early part of the beta phase, but will offer options for both ad-free paid search and ad-supported free search later.

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