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High-growth Delivery Startup Glovo Boosts Password Security and Compliance with Bitwarden

Operating in 25 countries at a current valuation of nearly +$1 billion, Glovo is one of Europe’s fastest growing startups. Based in Spain, Glovo delivers restaurant takeout orders, groceries, pharmacy, and other products to 4.3 million urban users. In the past year, Glovo more than doubled its employee count to more than 3000.

When Alexander Antukh joined Glovo in August 2020 as its director of security, some employees used personal password managers while most used nothing at all. Weak passwords were frequent and people shared them among teams, often through the company’s messaging platforms. 

“Passwords were almost useless,” said Antukh. “Yes, there is a password but if everybody knows it, or you can easily find that in the password lists through brute force, then it's not very good protection.”

Solution: Bitwarden Makes Password Management Simple and Consistent

Antukh was already a Bitwarden user prior to joining Glovo. He was especially drawn to the transparency and third-party security audits inherent in an open source solution. 

At Glovo, Antukh made a pitch for Bitwarden. He touted the solution’s end-to-end encryption and cross-platform accessibility that let users access Bitwarden from any device. He spoke of flexible integration capabilities that make it easy to add on tools such as two-factor authentication or single sign-on (SSO). And he showed how Bitwarden would simplify security audits and compliance with detailed event logs, as well as increase employee productivity. 

Antukh’s argument for Bitwarden convinced company leaders. Glovo purchased a flexible subscription that can scale for the future.  

Antukh appreciates the open source nature of Bitwarden that “brings transparency in how it helps to verify security and to quite openly say, ‘This is how we operate. This is what our values are.”

“We found that it [Bitwarden] is very easy to work with,” he said. “When we created our first collections, when we were able to audit the access log, when there were granular permissions, and I saw the work for new features such as Bitwarden Send—that was all quite useful. User experience is also quite good.” 

Simple integration with SSO without compromising security

Glovo uses Bitwarden with SSO, which allows employees to use one set of credentials to access multiple cloud applications. Bitwarden integrates with SSO to improve the user experience of accessing applications, while maintaining the zero knowledge encryption approach to password security. 

Convenient features to simplify compliance

Bitwarden provides audit trails that let Glovo security teams track user and group access to sensitive data. Antukh liked “the fact that we can inspect audit logs, and we could use that for compliance purposes. It's easy, and it's nice to set the permissions in the way we want to.”

Hassle-free password protection for peace of mind

Glovo has seen adoption steadily increase as people cared more about the security of their passwords and reduced unnecessary or unsecure sharing. Now, when they share passwords, they do it through Bitwarden. 

“We saw more and more that security champions, who are genuine security-minded people in our company and who are not part of the security team, also started to promote [Bitwarden],” said Antukh. “Once people started to experience that ease of use and security can go together with Bitwarden, adoption was natural.” 

Building a more secure future

Bitwarden is a vital solution within the Glovo security ecosystem and Antukh looks forward to further strengthening the company’s data protection. 

“Once we build that strategy, we will pursue it in the next year,” he said. “It will be mostly related to how we improve processes, how we improve access management and user management. And for sure, Bitwarden will be an important part of it.” 

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