ClickUp launches two new products at its annual conference

ClickUp has rolled out two of its latest major product releases contributing to the company’s vision to make the world more productive

At its annual productivity conference, LevelUp, ClickUp has announced a better than ever version of ClickUp Docs as well as the new Whiteboard product. 

This announcement comes soon after the company shared the news of its $400 million Series C funding round, putting its valuation at $4 billion.

As the world’s only all-in-one productivity platform company, ClickUp aims to make the world more productive while redefining the way teams brainstorm, collaborate and execute work.

“We created ClickUp as a way to help our own team streamline our work. We were wasting an enormous amount of time jumping back and forth between different tools, and work that cut across teams was often disconnected since each team was using different apps to get their work done,” said Zeb Evans, Founder and CEO of ClickUp.

To solve the problem of fragmented work tools, the team at ClickUp looked to create a productive future of work with different technology-enabled tools.

Introducing ClickUp’s Whiteboard

Recognising the importance of whiteboards as a collaborative tool in the workplace, ClickUp has been looking for ways to reimagine the whiteboard to facilitate remorse and hybrid working environments.

This is particularly significant as the global interactive whiteboards market is expected to reach $2.31 billion by 2025 highlighting its increasing popularity. 

However, recognising that there needs to be an added element to collaborative whiteboards within the workplace, ClickUp has sought to create a new product.

“Consider how many times you've had energizing whiteboard sessions with team members, without a whole lot of follow-up action afterward. Wouldn't it be great if that whiteboard made it easy to convert the ideas you've created on the whiteboard into tasks that you and your team members can easily track and manage? Now you can do just that,” commented Evans.

The new ClickUp Whiteboards are the only collaborative whiteboard that enables teams to turn real-time ideas directly into actionable projects. This new product is built on ClickUp's all-in-one productivity platform, allowing people to brainstorm, share ideas, and execute a project plan all in one place.

Building these whiteboards was heavily requested by ClickUp’s customers and has now launched in public beta. The innovative whiteboards enables:

  • Real-Time Collaboration: This makes it easy for distributed teams to brainstorm ideas, map out projects while seeing everyone's edits and cursor movements in real-time. It makes collaboration the same as if people are in the same room
  • Rich Editing: Allows users to add content to Whiteboards in a variety of ways including drawings, text, shapes, notes, images and other media files
  • Embedded Tasks: Users can easily add existing ClickUp Tasks into Whiteboards to provide relevant context into brainstorming sessions.
  • Turn Ideas to Action: Enables users to move work forward by converting objects added to the Whiteboard directly into ClickUp tasks with the click of a button.
  • Sharing: Gives users the ability to collaborate on a Whiteboard with anyone across their organisation.

ClickUp’s revamped Docs

Docs have long been one of the most used products within the ClickUp platform.

As ClickUp Docs can be used for different use cases such as wikis, meeting notes and company portals it makes it an essential tool for collaboration.

At the LevelUp conference, ClickUp has announced added features to this feature to improve this service.

These new highlights include:

  • Docs Where You Need Them: Documents now appear alongside customers Folders and Lists in the ClickUp Hierarchy. The company has also added document tags and “breadcrumb” tracking to enable users to find work faster than ever before
  • Customisable Design: Users can create company wikis, blogs, and knowledge bases thanks to new layers of customisation that give them full control of how their Docs look and feel
  • Enhanced Controls: A new Sidebar Menu provides easy access to every setting within a document, such as typography, cover images, header sections, stats, comments, page protections and more
  • Embedded Widgets: Users can update projects and tasks effortlessly, without ever leaving the document
  • Focus Mode: Focus mode enables users to work on key sections, paragraphs or sentences without distractions by fading the rest of the document into the background
  • Contextual Headers: Customers can now build connections and see relationships between Docs, Tasks, and Contributors automatically within the document header
  • Easy to Find Templates: Users can find and create templates in the Quick Access Menu to speed up the writing process and keep Docs consistent.

Adding to these new offerings, ClickUp has also made it easier for users to search, create and adjust anything throughout their workspace through its new Command Centre.


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