Cooleaf announces new Microsoft Teams integration

Cooleaf’s Microsoft Teams integration enables employees to recognise, connect and redeem rewards directly within the Teams application

To improve its services and provide seamless employee engagement, Cooleaf has announced the release of its new integration with Microsoft Teams, the communication and collaboration platform developed by Microsoft.

With this Microsoft Teams integration, Cooleaf customers now have full access to their organisations Cooleaf platform within the Teams application.

Cooleaf is the leading solution for companies looking to drive experiences for their employees, customers and prospects. The company’s platform helps connect people strategies to business priorities by providing a powerful suite of analytics tools.

"As we all look to navigate new ways of working, the need for a seamless employee experience is critical. Microsoft Teams is a strong communications and collaboration platform, and Cooleaf's integration with Teams enhances the virtual workplace with powerful culture tactics and listening tools," said Sarwar Bhuiyan, Cooleaf's Co-Founder and Product Strategy & Development Lead. 

"Not only can customers access Cooleaf through our web or mobile applications, but now, for our customers currently utilising Teams, the new integration also allows them to drive team engagement within a more streamlined workflow."

Bringing together employee recognition and collaboration

Cooleaf’s Microsoft Teams integration means employee recognition and collaboration can come together in one space. Now, due to the integration, it makes it easy for employees to:

  • Recognise peers and receive recognition directly within the Teams application.
  • Give shout-outs for years of service and celebrate employee milestones.
  • Participate in incentivised pulse surveys focused on job satisfaction, onboarding, or employee engagement.
  • Join virtual activities and challenges designed to foster DEI, learning & development, health & wellness, and more.
  • Redeem reward points for gift cards, company swag, and more in a custom Rewards Catalogue.

Customers who install Cooleaf’s Teams integration will have full visibility into its engagement platform. This includes their company’s Rewards Catalogue where they can redeem their points instantly, without leaving Teams.

For this Rewards Catalogue, Cooleaf supports many gift cards from around the world, along with branded merchandise, experiences and charity donations.


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