GoDaddy’s new payment features support small businesses

Web hosting company, GoDaddy has announced the introduction of new features to its GoDaddy Payments platform to support small business owners

GoDaddy has announced it will be launching new features to support small business owners. The new features within GoDaddy Payments, Pay Links and Virtual Terminal, enable small business owners to take online and remote payments without the requirement of a website or online store.

"At GoDaddy we understand small businesses need solutions that are flexible and particularly when it comes to commerce, one size rarely fits all," said Kasturi Mudulodu, Vice President of Product Management at GoDaddy. 

"Our newest GoDaddy Payments offerings, Pay Links and Virtual Terminal, give small businesses that live and thrive offline the ability to transact online and remotely over-the-phone as well. GoDaddy is committed to improving the day-to-day operations of our customers, now enabling businesses both on and offline to sell everywhere and make their customers' experiences as seamless as possible," she continued.

The company are expanding its commerce solution, GoDaddy Payments and its new features is part of this expansion. Its expanding commerce solution will include in-person payment capabilities for seamless online and offline shopping experiences.

Supporting small businesses with customisable solutions

Using advanced online encryption, GoDaddy Payments maintains strict PCI compliance standards. Small businesses owners who sign up for GoDaddy Payments can get instantly approved upon signing up so they can accept customer payments within minutes and get paid as early as the next business day.

By introducing new features to its payment platform, GoDaddy is allowing small businesses that utilise GoDaddy’s services to attract and serve their customers with a customisable and affordable online payment solution that suits their unique needs.

Through the new Pay Links feature small businesses will now be able to create a link to a secure checkout page. This link will be shareable with the customer via email, social media, text or it will generate a designated QR code to receive payment from the customer within minutes.

Pay Links also enables businesses to customise their product images and a logo to create a seamless brand experience.

The addition of the Virtual Terminal feature means small business owners can take payments over the phone as it can turn any device with a web browser into a payment terminal.

To further support its customers, both Pay Links and Virtual terminal accept all major credit and debit cards so small businesses don’t need to swap bank accounts to access the features. It also comes with low transaction fees with no long-term contracts, monthly minimums or hidden fees.


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