An interview with David Beard, Founder of Lending Expert

By Daniel Tannenbaum
David Beard is the founder of Lending Expert, a price comparison website that has become extremely successful in recent years after its creation in 2013

Lending Expert is one of the fastest-growing price-comparison sites for both loans and mortgages which has progressed massively over the course of the last year during the Covid-19 pandemic. Lending Expert has assisted thousands of customers to date and is currently rated 4.81 out of 5 on, with a total of 223 reviews so far.

After working in the finance field for many years, David Beard decided to create his own site, Lending Expert, which is currently based in Macclesfield in the North. The business model for price comparison websites is relatively simple, with sites featuring a variety of partners to provide a comparison of product offerings alongside the costs. Customers are then able to select their own supplier based on their individual criteria.

 Lending Expert’s website is free to use until a customer decides to purchase a product or take out a loan. Certain products, for example, secured loans and mortgages, are already connected to brokers. Brokers are then able to provide a provisional quote for the customer after searching the market in order to locate the best terms and rates for the individual’s needs. When customers make enquiries, this will not affect their credit score, and customers are only required to pay for the service when their loan takes place successfully.

The increase in price comparison sites 

The noughties have seen a massive increase in the demand for price comparison sites, with a market overview of utilities, loans, insurance and credit cards. Price comparison sites easily combine all of these elements with the commission charged for any completions which take place successfully. Competitive comparison sites in the UK include GoCompare, MoneySupermarket, and Compare The Market, which currently holds the most market share.



“I set up Lending Expert in 2013,” explains Beard, “after working in financial services for years and seeing a gap in the market.”

“I wanted to create a website that put the consumer first and provided a truly accurate price comparison for everyday products and really helped customers to save money. We offer a full range of products including mortgages, loans, credit cards and we understand that these can change people’s lives, whether you are using funds to start a business, buy a new home or pay for a wedding.”

“Every provider and partner has been fully verified to ensure that they are licensed to trade, treat customers fairly and are responsible.”

“Above all, I want to show loan providers who have a real appetite to lend and appeal to the wider audience. There is no point putting one company at the top of each comparison table if they only approve less than 1% of all customers, or just payout the best commissions. We want people to use Lending Expert, get approved for an affordable product and ultimately find what they were looking for.”

In 2021, David Beard has emphasised the ongoing demand for secured loans. This is driven by the extended stamp duty holiday alongside UK homeowners’ wishes for home improvements to take place. This has stemmed from the desire to increase their living space during the Covid-19 pandemic. Customers have frequently been seen to use their secured loan to build a home office, convert garages and create garden rooms to be used as gyms.


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