Oct 12, 2020

Microsoft among big tech firms committing to remote working

remote working
William Smith
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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic produced a sudden and massive switch to remote working for office workers
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic produced a sudden and massive switch to remote working for office workers...

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic produced a sudden and massive switch to remote working for office workers.

From the time of the first lockdowns in March to this day, solutions such as Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts have enabled the switch, which looks all the more likely to leave a lasting impression.

Undoubtedly it has been the most technologically advanced companies that have seen the least disruption from the move, which goes some way to explaining why Microsoft has said that staff will have the option of working remotely in a permanent fashion, subject to manager approval.

As reported by the BBC, a Microsoft spokesperson said: "Our goal is to evolve the way we work over time with intention—guided by employee input, data, and our commitment to support individual work styles and business needs while living our culture." 

The news sees Microsoft joining the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Google, meanwhile, is not committing as strongly to the practice, though it has said it intends to make a number of its offices into “hubs” offering more flexibility to workers.

As reported by Business Insider, Google CEO Sundar Pichai was asked about the company’s plans for remote working in a company meeting, where he said: "In the future when we think about it, we do see the majority of Googlers' roles will continue to be tied to a particular office and that they will live within some reasonable distance of that office.

"What we are doing is expanding the number of offices we see as hubs so that people will have a lot more choice in their lives. And beyond that, we are also thinking what does hybrid-flexible work mean in that context,"

The companies facilitating remote working have seen significant rewards come from the sudden mass uptake, with this being nowhere more evident than with cloud video communications platform Zoom. Aside from having become a household name, the company’s second quarter financial results showed year-over-year revenue growth of 355% and a revenue outlook for the 2021 financial year of more than $2.37bn. 

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Aug 4, 2021

CoreFlex Solutions, Value-Based Transformational Outcomes

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Leveraging CoreFlex Solutions, The Tile Shop is on its way to extracting maximum value from Salesforce and SAP

CoreFlex Solutions is focused on providing the right solutions that address the needs and values of clients in 5 key areas: Salesforce, Digital, Integration, Testing and Operations. From project initiation and early onset thinking to defining requirements and execution, CoreFlex delivers transformational outcomes and have been a trusted, valued partner for The Tile Shop in executing Salesforce and upgrading SAP.

“CoreFlex has been very helpful. They know Salesforce, and they've made it very stable. They've been able to make improvements. But they also happen to be a great SAP offshore partner for us, and they're helping us with our SAP upgrade with QA and so forth,” said Christopher Davis, Chief Information Officer at The Tile Shop.

“The nice thing about CoreFlex is I've worked with them multiple times, over many different companies, and their leadership knows what they do well, can tell you what they will do and do it. But they also have that great thing about a partnership where they'll tell you what they don't do. And so when I go to them, I always know what I'm going to get. I'm going to get transparency, clarity, and good quality. “ 


Salesforce Implementations

Although Salesforce is a flexible platform that offers powerful capabilities and can be quickly implemented to support a myriad of business and customer-facing functions, many go wrong in their implementations and fail to extract optimal outcomes. Holding over 80 person-years of Salesforce experience, CoreFlex can help customers who struggle with adoption rates and underutilize Salesforce to improve effectiveness by offering services such as health checks, validations, pilots and Proof of Concepts (POCs).


SAP Services

CoreFlex offers a comprehensive portfolio of SAP service offerings to help you maintain your competitive advantage in today’s highly competitive and dynamic markets.

CoreFlex holds expertise in Consumer Products, Logistics, Healthcare and Software Engineering domains.

Find out more about their full suite of services that span the complete lifecycle of SAP enterprise solutions.


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