Oct 15, 2021

Microsoft’s Natalie Pullin shares her insights into tech

Following our successful Technology, AI & Cyber live! event, Technology Magazine reflects on the insights from our speaker, Natalie Pullin

As Microsoft’s Customer Success Manager, Natalie Pullin has the responsibility of supporting companies transform by combining the power of technology and culture.

In her role, Pullin helps businesses understand their goals through technology. She does this by providing her expertise into:

  • New ways of working
  • Improved communications
  • Stronger diversity and inclusion
  • Full accessibility
  • Improved processes
  • Improved productivity
  • Showing how to create greater efficiencies
  • Creating greater flexibility and mobility 
  • Enabling creativity
  • Harnessing stronger relationships.

Pullin herself outlines her specialities which include sustainability, change management, communications, technology, research, project management and relationship building. Discussing her passion for her job, Pullin said: “I am an energetic, passionate and driven individual, motivated by how technology and innovation can drive better business outcomes, for organisations, their people and our planet.”

At our Technology, AI & Cyber live! Event Pullin spoke about the power of sustainability within business. You can catch her keynote speech at the Tobacco Dock in London below.

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