Two-thirds of Europe’s public sector services are now available online: Capgemini report

By Laura Mullan
Two-thirds of Europe’s public sector services are now available online, according to the latest research by Capgemini. Through its annual eGovernment...

Two-thirds of Europe’s public sector services are now available online, according to the latest research by Capgemini.

Through its annual eGovernment Benchmark report, Capgemini aims to investigate how well governments across Europe are digitising their services.

By making more public services online, increasingly orchestrated via central portals and one-stop-shop across government tiers, the company says it will benefit both citizens and businesses alike.


The report highlighted constant improvement in user-centricity and mobile-friendliness of digital public services.

User-centricity was cited as the most matured top-level benchmark in Europe with an overall average of 82%.

Meanwhile, six out of ten of the services (62%) are now accessible via mobile devices, enabling users to access public services anytime, anywhere.

“The 2018 results underline that European governments increasingly design public services with the needs of citizens and businesses in mind,”  said Niels van der Linden, Principal Consultant and Capgemini Invent’s eGovernment Benchmark project lead.

“This accommodates a diverse audience of national and fellow-European users in their digital journeys. By continuously innovating services based on user preferences, governments are creating more inclusive and accessible services.”

On the other hand, the report underscored how transparency of the personal data of citizens and service delivery continues to hold back the accessibility of services.

“Personal data ownership and cyber security have changed from nice-to-haves to inevitable must-haves,” added Dinand Tinholt, Vice President and Capgemini Invent’s EU Account Director.

“With GDPR and other regulations in place, public administrations should embrace digital security to ensure they step into the next era of personalized and data-driven services.”

The study, was led by Capgemini and jointly carried out with its subsidiary Sogeti and consortium partners, IDC and Politecnico di Milano.


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