Vervotech and NetStorming SRL announce global collaboration

Through this strategic partnership, NetStorming SRL and Vervotech will provide unified hotel content to leading travel companies

NetStorming SRL and Vervotech’s partnership will strengthen the world-renowned booking engine 'TOWeRS' furthermore.

As an important part of effective aggregation, Hotel and Room Mapping are becoming increasingly relevant in the modern travel industry. The pair’s partnership and industry-leading products have quickly made Vervotech the mapping API of choice for the industry.

The company aims to establish a global standard for accommodation data and has 99.99% accuracy and completeness with its platforms that use large-scale aggregation, artificial intelligence-based processing and machine learning models.

"We see great synergies working with NetStorming team,” said Marvel Puri, VP of Partnerships at Vervotech.

“They have deep coverage of accommodation content and Vervotech Mappings is going to solidify their platform. This is also special since they are our first partner in Italy and partnering with them is a testimonial for agencies considering Vervotech for mappings technology," he continued.

NetStorming SRL and Vervotech: Revolutionising the travel space

With NetStorming SRL's effective booking engine and the progressive mapping API and curated content provided by Vervotech, the pair will revolutionise and standardise the distribution of descriptive and illustrative content in the travel space.

Travel agencies partnered with NetStorming SRL can leverage Vervotech Mappings for real-time hotel mapping and maximise travel reservation accuracy.

Netstorming is an Italian-based technology company specialising in the development of software for tour operators, travel agencies and DMC.

Nicola Rizzardini, CEO and founder at NetStorming said: "Our team has welcomed another tool for mapping. We have integrated with Vervotech Mappings as our mapping partner. Now, we'll make all our data more streamlined for all our suppliers. This will also ensure improved business performance on our end so as to provide our clients with the best possible experience." 

Vervotech’s second strategic partnership

Vervotech’s Mapping offering provides users with:

  • Real-time content updates with insights
  • 99.999% mapping accuracy and 98% mapping coverage with reduced processing time
  • Opinionated content to deliver a streamlined user experience
  • Curated content to improve travel agencies' master hotel catalogue.

The company has also recently announced a partnership with Shiji Distribution Solutions, for Shiji's IcePortal global visual content distribution solution. This partnership provides Vervotech's clients access to rich, high-resolution visuals of their hotel properties and amenities.

To ensure its technological offering meets the needs of its customers, Vervotech has many technology partners including Qtech, Technoheaven and ZentrumHub.


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