castLabs supports Huawei WisePlay DRM to boost services

Global pioneers in digital video delivery technology, castLabs, have announced support for Huawei Technologies WisePlay DRM system

Now, WisePlay is integrated into castLabs' range of video delivery solutions including the company's scalable DRMtoday cloud licensing service. The integration of Huawei’s digital rights management (DRM) system will enable streaming services to reach a wider range of devices with secure premium content.

"Working with castLabs has been a great experience," said James Xu, Consumer Cloud Service and Video Business Dept Director, HUAWEI Video. 

"We believe that a whole new range of customers will now benefit from the availability of WisePlay DRM along with castLabs within our combined secure, scalable solution," he added.

castLabs’ cloud licensing service, DRMtoday helps streaming businesses quickly launch monetized services while protecting their valuable media assets. It does this by providing studio recognised security for online, offline, and live playback.

Helping businesses adapt to changes

Wiseplay is the latest addition to DRMtoday’s security system roster on top of Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady, and Apple's FairPlay Streaming DRM for OTT services. It also has Widevine CAS for PayTV operators.

Customers will now be able to safely deliver protected media content across Huawei phones and tablets running EMUI or HarmonyOS smart TVs that are compatible with WisePlay.

"As the content protection landscape continues to shift, we're committed to helping businesses adapt to changes by removing barriers and making delivery as accessible as possible," said Bryce Pedersen, Global Marketing Strategy at castLabs. 

"We're excited to provide excellent additional value by including WisePlay as part of our easy to use and cost-saving technology which serves billions of licenses each year. Our customers can now securely deploy amazing experiences that audiences will love to even more devices with premium content playing anywhere," he continued.

Developing Huawei’s DRM based on China DRM

Based on the core ChinaDRM, Huawei developed WisePlay for natively integrated media protection across their own branded devices. ChinaDRM is an open DRM standard based on cryptographic industry standards. These are applied to authorise certificates so devices from various manufacturers

Supporting a range of features to meet strict studio requirements, the DRM system can also be used with MPEG-DASH and HLS streaming formats as well as the Common Encryption (CENC) standard.

castLabs providing the building blocks to reduce development costs

As part of their work together, castLabs’ PRESTOplay player now ships with built-in WisePlay support. This makes it easier to publish secure streaming apps on Huawei’s AppGallery.

The PRESTOplay software development kit lets customers rapidly construct sleek players. Built for devs, by devs, castLabs give its customers the building blocks to massively reduce development costs and speed up their time to market.

With the WisePlay support, developers using PRESTOplay can quickly create EMUI and HarmonyOS apps with advanced audience experiences. This includes the latest player features on top of performance enhancements designed to speed up deployment and lower development costs.


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