Cisco subsidiary AppDynamics’ SAP Peak monitoring tools

By William Smith
AppDynamics is a San Francisco, California-based subsidiary of technology giant Cisco, specialising in application performance management (APM...

AppDynamics is a San Francisco, California-based subsidiary of technology giant Cisco, specialising in application performance management (APM).

APM refers to the practice of providing insights into how applications are performing and interacting, crucial in the complex cloud-based technology stacks common to modern enterprises.

The company has announced a new set of tools known as SAP Peak for use with enterprise software giant SAP’s software offering - the company being particularly well known for its enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite. According to AppDynamics, 77% of all business transactions worldwide interact with an SAP landscape at some point, making its optimal usage all the more important.

Brian Paul, Senior Director, Corporate Development and Strategy, said in a blog post: “The synergies between AppDynamics and SAP have never been more apparent, as our industry-leading Business Transaction monitoring blends seamlessly with the SAP transaction flow. This has allowed us to expand our SAP capabilities to include broader Netweaver stack, Business Warehouse (BW), Process Integration (PI) and SAP HANA observability, visibility and insights. Our ability to monitor HANA in conjunction with more deeply monitoring BW and PI is important in effectively managing complex and hybrid environments.”

AppDynamics previously provided an SAP Monitoring suite that offered various insights, while admitting that it failed to contextualise SAP performance as part of the wider business landscape - something which it is seeking to address in its new offering.

In a press release, Vipul Shah, Chief Product Officer, AppDynamics, said: “With the cost of an application failure averaging more than $500,000 an hour, it is critical that businesses today have a cohesive system in place to monitor and measure their increasingly complex IT environments. AppDynamics SAP Peak is the only solution that gives enterprises a single source of truth of their SAP landscapes with the real-time business context needed to prevent and resolve problems that could have a negative impact on the user experience and in turn, overall business outcomes.” 


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